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15th Annual Farm Picnic, US Field Station, Ardmore (S.D.), July 1927--Panoramic Photo

 Unprocessed Material — MD 73
Identifier: H2007-010
Dates: July 16, 1927

Abbie F. Whitney Collection—Photo Albums—Black Hills

 Unprocessed Material — Box 06612 A
Identifier: H2014-057
Dates: ca. 1910s-1920s

Alice Jesse Lowe Collection

 Unprocessed Material — FB 586
Identifier: H2009-061
Dates: 1926-1927

Badger Clark Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2016-104
Dates: ca. 1880s-1950s

Calvin Coolidge, Summer White House, 1927—News Clippings

 Unprocessed Material — Box 06415 B
Identifier: H2014-003
Dates: 1927-1940s

Clarence E. Slider Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2012-006
Dates: ca. 1900s-1920s

Dorothy Prather Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2007-095
Dates: ca. 1960s-1970s

Harold H. Schuler Papers--Presidential Visits to South Dakota--Research Materials

 Unprocessed Material — Box 6757 A
Identifier: H2001-048
Dates: 1885-2001

Hermosa: Our Voices--DVD, 2011

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2016-098
Dates: 2011

Howard and Kathryn Loitwood Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2012-071
Dates: ca. 1920s - 1960s

Lawrence Slider Collection

 Unprocessed Material — MD 40E
Identifier: H2019-042
Dates: July 1927; July 16, 1927; ca. 1960s

Marshall Miller Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2007-014
Dates: 1927; 1943

Ralph and Nellie Slider Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2017-072
Dates: Event: ca. 1920s-1930s; 1977; 1984; 2015

Rawlins Library (Pierre, S.D.) Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2013-038
Dates: 1880-1914; 1927; 1980

Republican Presidential Primary, 1924—Correspondence

 Unprocessed Material — Box 06485 A
Identifier: H2015-043
Dates: 1924

Richard C. Miller Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2006-101
Dates: ca. 1910s

SD Photograph Collection--State Game Lodge/ Black Hills/ Rapid City, 1927

 Unprocessed Material — Box 08539 A
Identifier: H2003-051
Dates: 1926, 1927

SD Postcard Collection / North Dakota & South Dakota Map

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2014-010
Dates: ca. 1910s-1920s; 1920

Sherman S. Judy Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2002-025
Dates: 1886-1962

“Three Score Years and Ten,” Autobiography of William J. Bulow, Sr.

 Unprocessed Material — Box 06570 C
Identifier: H2017-028
Dates: ca. 1940s; Event: ca. 1860s-1940s