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Fred Greguras Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2018-049
Dates: ca, 1880s-1950s; 1948; 1954; 2001

Fred Walter Jarvis—Barber Shop Photo, 1907

 Unprocessed — Box 08538 C
Identifier: H2015-060
Dates: January 30, 1907

Fredrick Augustus Pulver Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03600 C
Identifier: H2007-073
Dates: ca. 1910s

Fremont Nelson--Lake Preston (S.D.)--Glass Plates

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2014-081
Dates: ca. 1900s-1910s

Fulton (S.D.) 125th Anniversary Parade--Photographs

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2012-102
Dates: 2012

Fulton (S.D.) area Photographs

 Unprocessed — Box 6957B
Identifier: H2005-023
Dates: ca. 1910s and 1940s

Future Homemakers of America (Sully Buttes Chapter)

 Unprocessed — FB 668
Identifier: H2011-089
Dates: 1980-1997

Garden City (S.D.) Band—Photographs, 1908

 Unprocessed — FB 632
Identifier: H2019-039
Dates: May 30, 1908; October 1918

Gary Holler Vietnam War Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2016-093
Dates: 1965-1971; 1988; 2004

Gary (S.D.)--Photograph Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03474 C
Identifier: H2012-097
Dates: ca. 1900s-1920s ; 1948

Gene Gary Gruver Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03774 C
Identifier: H2010-009
Dates: 1950s

General Federation of Woman's Club--Pierre Club

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2005-070
Dates: 1998-2004

General Federation of Women’s Club--Huron (S.D.) Fortnightly Club

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2005-075
Dates: 1900-1996

General Federation of Women’s Club--Rapid City (S.D.) Fortnightly Club

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2001-015
Dates: 1907-1997

General Federation of Women's Clubs'- Huron Fortnightly Club

 Unprocessed — FB 615
Identifier: H2009-071
Dates: 1970-1982

General Federation of Women's Clubs--Pierre Chapter Scrapbooks, 1950-1998

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2000-031
Dates: 1950-1998

General Federation of Women's Clubs--Pierre Club

 Unprocessed — Box 06611
Identifier: H2014-044
Dates: 2004-2008

General Federation of Women's Clubs (Brookings, S.D.)

 Unprocessed — Box 03714 C
Identifier: H2008-091
Dates: 1977-2002

Genevieve (Babel) Trask Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2012-096
Dates: 1934-1977

George Amundson Collection

 Unprocessed — MD 95
Identifier: H2007-065
Dates: 1968

George and Alice (Waldron) Philip Family Photo Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2014-066
Dates: ca. 1880s-1920s

George and Louise Huggins—Charcoal Portraits

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2017-046
Dates: ca. 1900s

George B. German Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2005-089

George Bouman Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2016-108
Dates: ca. 1960s-1970s

George Jorgenson Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2016-070
Dates: ca. 1900s-1920s

George Lingle Collection

 Unprocessed — N:\Archives\Digital Collections\ACCESSIONED
Identifier: H2018-002
Dates: Event: December 1965; 2018

George Philip Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2007-045
Dates: 1926; 1946; 1948

George Philip Letters

 Unprocessed — Box 03641 C
Identifier: H2007-097
Dates: ca. 1930s

Gerald Gaulke Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2004-037
Dates: 1941-1945

Gerald “Jeff” Martinmaas Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 06561 A
Identifier: H2016-092
Dates: 1945-1946; ca. 1990s