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Alfred J. Sapa Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2004-048
Dates: 1965-1987

American Association of University Women, South Dakota statewide/Rapid City

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2002-036
Dates: 1920s-2000s

Badger Clark Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2016-104
Dates: ca. 1880s-1950s

Bessie Marie McGinnis Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 6904 A
Identifier: H2000-028
Dates: 1925, 1927

Bill Van Camp Collection—“Letters from Vietnam”

 Unprocessed — Box 06570A
Identifier: H2017-026
Dates: 1968-1973; September 2016

Black Hills Trails of Time, Vol I & II (CDs) and "The Red Cow Fell in the Mine," Booklet

 Unprocessed — Box 03438 B
Identifier: H2004-039
Dates: 2002, 2004

Blunt General Federation of Women’s Clubs Records, 1910s-2010s

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2016-101
Dates: ca. 1910s--2010s

Business and Professional Women—South Dakota, Pierre/Fort Pierre

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2017-085
Dates: ca. 1980s - 2000s

Canova Congregational Church—History/Booklet/Hymnal

 Unprocessed — Box 03562 C
Identifier: H2014-006
Dates: 1934; 1961; 1986

Chamberlain (S.D.) Collection, 1900-1902

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2017-034
Dates: September 1900; April 4, 1902; May 23, 1902

Der Aufstand der Dakotah – (The Rebellion of the Dakotah)

 Unprocessed — Box 03521 C
Identifier: H2010-106
Dates: ca. 1860s

Die Deutsche Glieder – Pierre Chapter – Germans from Russia

 Unprocessed — Box 03455 C
Identifier: H2012-034
Dates: ca. 1990s-2000s

Donald and Audrey Grosshuesch Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03455 C
Identifier: H2012-037
Dates: 1960

Eileen (Kelsey) Elrod and Hagen Kelsey Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2014-082
Dates: ca. 1920s-1970s

Genealogical Histories, St. Pauli Cemetery—Codington County, 2016

 Unprocessed — Box WPA Cemetery Records--Codington County
Identifier: H2016-023
Dates: 2016

General Federation of Women’s Club--Rapid City (S.D.) Fortnightly Club

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2001-015
Dates: 1907-1997

General Federation of Women's Clubs

 Unprocessed — Box 03440
Identifier: H2005-031

Hope Indian Boarding School (Springfield, S.D.) Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03648 D
Identifier: H2012-014
Dates: 1889

Karon Schaack Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03534 C
Identifier: H2011-102
Dates: early 1960s

Lloyd Willey Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03474 C
Identifier: H2012-081
Dates: 2012

Lloyd Willey Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 06570 A
Identifier: H2017-027
Dates: Event: ca. 1950s-1960s; ca. 2010s

Lloyd Willey Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 06600 C
Identifier: H2018-017
Dates: ca. 2010s

Lloyd Willey Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03648 D
Identifier: H2012-009
Dates: Event: ca. 1950s; 2011

Lloyd Willey Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03611 C
Identifier: H2011-060
Dates: Event: 1950s-1960s; 2010

Lyman County Cooperative Extension Service Club--Minutes

 Unprocessed — Box 6996
Identifier: H2001-047
Dates: 1972-1976

Mitchell Twentieth Century Club records, 1902-2016

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2016-105
Dates: 1902-2016

Moody County Historical Society Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03438 B
Identifier: H2004-044
Dates: 1901, 1911-1997

Moody County Historical Society Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 6957 A
Identifier: H2005-006
Dates: 1890s-1920s

National Travelers' Guide--South Dakota and Wyoming

 Unprocessed — Box 03521 C
Identifier: H2011-012
Dates: 1939

National World War II Glider Pilots Association—Membership Roster, 1999

 Unprocessed — Box 06490 B
Identifier: H2016-029
Dates: 1999