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Roy E. Karlen Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Container: FB 663
Identifier: H2012-005

Content Description

The collection consists of one photo album of images taken and collected by Roy E. Karlen. Mr. Karlen was a 1934 graduate of the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN), Civil Engineer program. He took most of the images in June of 1936. Various South Dakota locations and events are represented in the collection. Other non-South Dakota photos are included and will be retained with the collection. The album includes detailed descriptions of the 275 photos, an index is provided below.

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  • June 1936



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1 – Early morning at the cabins. Cleghorn, Iowa. June 1936. 2 – Inscription on Floyds Monument 3 – Sergeant Floyd monument. On east bank of Missouri River East Sioux City, Iowa. 4 – Inscription on Floyd’s monument. 5 – Riverside amusement park West Sioux City, Iowa 6 – Landscape of Missouri R. from Floyds monument. Looking south and downstream Sioux City, Iowa. 7- Industrial Sioux City packing plant from bluff. 8- View of yards & packing plant, Sioux City, Iowa. 9- Liberal Arts Bldg. Univ. of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD. 10- Hospital & Journalism Bldg. University of SD. 11- Rear of Auditorium University of SD. 12- Law Bldg. University of SD. 13- Draw bridge across Missouri River looking downstream from Yankton SD. 14- State Hospital and Asylum, north of Yankton SD. 15- Park and swimming pool, Yankton, SD. 16- Diamond Jubilee parade, Yankton, SD. 17- Parade 18- Parade 19- Parade 20- Parade 21- Parade 22- Parade 23- Parade 24- Parade 25- Parade 26- Parade 27-Parade 28- Diamond Jubilee Parade, Yankton, SD. 29- Spanning the Missouri River, looking N. from Chamberlain SD. 30- Landscape of Missouri River and plains. Looking downstream. Indian reservation West of Chamberlain SD. 31- Badlands—Hughes Pass near U.S. Hwy #61, near Kadoka, SD. 32- Badlands from Hughes pass road. 33- Badlands, Hughes Pass 34- Badlands, Hughes Pass 35- Badlands, View to the West from end of Hughes Pass. 36- Badlands, view to the W. from end of Hughes Pass. 37- Badlands, “The Ancient City” from U. S. Hwy 16 near Chamberlain Pass. 38 – Badlands, Cedar Pass 39- Characteristic Peak and immense plateau inside the great wall, Badlands, Cedar Pass 40- Wayside Inn, Badlands, Cedar Pass 41- Characteristics peaks of the great wall. Big Foot Pass, Badlands 42- Landscape of road along great wall, Dillon Pass, Badlands. Arrow points to green plateau On top of Peak. 43- Rugged crevices containing some of the trees found in the vicinity. Dillon Pass. 44- Tunnel thru range of peaks, Dillon Pass, Badlands 45- Badlands, SD 46- Early morning at cabins, Rapid City SD. 47- Tepee entrance to Sitting Bull Crystal Cave, Black Hills, SD 48- Hillsides, Rapid City & Badlands in background, Black Hills. 49- Hillside to Forest to left of Stratosphere Bowl, looking S. W. Black Hills. 50- Stratosphere Bowl Mt. Stream in back ground disappears at Bowl . 51- Hillside forest to right of Bowl, looking N. 52- The Bowl, Note outline of balloon and of rancher at left. 53- The Bowl, Black Hills, Origin of Prof. Piccard’s balloon ascent. 54- Through the rock, Mt. Rushmore Road, Black Hills. 55- On the studio steps, Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, Black Hills. 56- The Studio, Mt. Rushmore. 57- Hillside below carvings, Mt. Rushmore. 58- Cable & carriage used to hoist sculptures to carvings, Mt. Rushmore. 59- Carvings in process, top Mt. Rushmore. To be Rushmore National Memorial, Black Hills. 60- Carvings to be 67’ high when completed. 61- Carvings, from studio at foot of hill. 62- Sculptors at work—Note size of men. 63- Carvings, from point directly below. 64- Model in Studio, about 12’ high. All measurements scaled from this model for actual carving As carving will look when finished. L to R. Washington, Jefferson,& Lincoln. Teddy Roosevelt To be added between Jefferson & Lincoln, Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, Black Hills. 65- Double tunnel, Iron Mt. Road, Black Hills. 66- Trestle Bridge, made of red cedar, Iron Mt. Road. 67- means of attaining elevation. Same bridge as picture #66 Iron Mt. Road. 68- Thru the rock, note outstanding formation. Iron Mt. Road. 69- Pig-tail Bridge, Iron Mt. Road. 70- Pig-tail bridge, Black Hills, same as photo #69. 71- Top Iron Mt., Black Hills. 72- Cub bear at play—Game Lodge Zoo, Grace Coolidge Road, Black Hills. 73-Grace Coolidge Road, Black Hills. 74- Game Lodge Hotel, Grace Coolidge Creek in foreground-Grace Coolidge Road, Black Hills. 75- Deer in Zoo, Game Lodge Zoo. 76- Grace Coolidge Creek directly below Game Lodge Hotel. 77- Close-up of Game Lodge Hotel. 78- Future Hillside Museum near Game Lodge Hotel-Grace Coolidge Road, Black Hills. 79- Rangers tower top Mt. Coolidge, Black Hills. 80- Close-up of tower Mt. Coolidge. 81- Landscape, from top tower looking MN. E. Mt. Coolidge. 82- Rangers Cabin & Souvenir shop from tower Mt. Coolidge. 83- Scenery along the Needles Road, Black Hills. 84- Needles Drive. 85- Needles Drive. 86- Needles-from needles drive. 87- Needles drive. 88- Needles drive. 89-Needles drive. 90-Needles drive. 91- Needles drive. 92- Needles drive. 93-Needles drive. 94- Landscape from Needles road, Harney Peak in background. (Highest point in SD) 95- Close-up of Harney Peak, Ranger Station. 96- The big Tunnel taken from top side of Needles road. 97- The Big Tunnel. First Shadow is shadow of the Needles eye. 98- The Needles eye-Needles road, Black Hills. 99- Needles point-top of needles eye rock. 100- The Needles Eye. 101- Sylvan Lake-End of Needles road—Black Hills—taken from N.E. side of lake. 102- Sylvan lake—taken from S. E. side of lake. Dam located directly to right of boat house. 103- Rapids directly below dam outlet to stockade lake—Dam & Lake in background—Black Hills. 104- Rapids directly below dam outlet to stockade lake. Dam and Lake in background—Black Hills. 105- Entrance to Wind Cave—under construction—Black Hills, Near Hot Springs. 106- White building contains elevator shaft used to hoist sight-seers from cave to surface taken from Office. 107- Wind Cave information office from elevator shaft. 108- Close-up of Wind Cave information office, black Hills. 109- Landscape view of North Hot Springs in the early morning, Veterans Hospital in background Black Hills. 110- Springs fed stream thru Hot Springs SD. Bridge is South entrance to city 111- Kidney Mineral Spring Water contains minerals beneficial to health, Hot Springs SD. 112- Hot Springs Hotel Bldg. to left contains hot baths and plunge. 113- Bath house and outside pool, note clearness of water at steps, Hot Springs, SD. 114- Connection between outside pool and inside pool. Pools fed by hot springs water. Hot Springs Hotel. 115- Evans Plunge—natural temp of water 92° F. Hot Spring fed. Hot Springs, SD. 116- The Black Hills Rock Museum from Hwy. 117- The map rock—Black Hills Museum. Obtained in Black Hills Vcinity. 118- Embroidered lace rock—Black Hills museum obtained from Wonderland Cave, Black Hills. 119- The frog rock Black Hills museum obtained from Crystal Cave, Black Hills. 120- Rock souvenirs handmade table light in foreground, Black Hills museum. 121- Petrified moss rock from vicinity of Black Hills Black Hills Rock museum. 122- Souvenirs—Black Hills Rock Museum. 123- Bear Butte (old volcanic Mt.) Northeast of Sturgis SD. 124- Plant for extraction of gold from gold ore, Lead, SD. 125- Shaft to underground gold mine (Depth of mine at present time is 5300’) Lead SD. 126- Original open gold ore mine (now abandoned) Lead, SD. 127- New Black Hills Airport on road from Deadwood to Spearfish, SD. 128- Falls, Spearfish Canyon, Spearfish, SD. 129- Spearfish Canyon, Spearfish, SD. 130- Devils Tower from distance view looking west from highway road from Black Hills to Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming. 131- Devil’s Tower Distant View from highway (looking north). 132- Devil’s Tower close-up looking east from Park. 133- Devil’s Tower close-up looking East from Park showing Lamellar composition of rock (approximately 1 mile around rock at base) 134- Devils Tower looking East from Park. 135- Devils Tower looking East from Park. 136- Top Big Horn Mountain, Ranchester, Wy. 137- Top Big Horn Mt. Ranchester, WY. 138- Waterfall Shell Canyon West Side Big Horn Mts. Wy. 139 -Mt. stream and rapids west side Big Horn Mts. Shell Canyon. 140- East side landscape from top Big Horn Mts. Looking towards Ranchester Wy. 141- Buffalo Bill and his stage coaches on display at museum. Cody, Wy. 142- “Buffalo Bill” Monument, East entrance to Shoshone Canyon, Cody, Wy. 143- “Buffalo Bill” monument from museum. 144- Shoshone Canyon looking upstream below dam Cody to east entrance to Yellow Stone Park. 145- Shoshone Canyon & Dam 146- Shoshone Canyon & Shoshone River (looking downstream) 147- Shoshone Dam outlet to natural spillway at right. 148- Shoshone Dam & Spillway outlet. 149- Shoshone Canyon above am looking downstream inlet to natural spillway in central Foreground. 150- Shoshone Dam & reservoir Highway along right bluff. 151- Close up of Shoshone dam & natural spillway outlet. 152- Placard at Shoshone Dam. 153-Close up of natural spillway inlet Shoshone dam. 154- Shoshone Dam & Landscape. 155-Looking downstream from dam. Spillway at left. 156-Closeup of spillway outlet Shoshone Dam. 157- Shoshone Dam River directly below dam 9taken from dam). 158- Shoshone Canyon Drive along reservoir of Shoshone dam. 159-Tunels Shoshone Canyon. 160-Natural Rock formation Shoshone Canyon. 161-Natural Rock formation Shoshone Canyon. 162--Natural Rock formation Shoshone Canyon. 163--Natural Rock formation Shoshone Canyon. 164 Landscape of snow covered peaks Sylvan Pass, Yellow Stone National Park. 165-Sylvan Lake Yellowstone Park. 166- Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone Park. 167- Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone Park. 168- Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone Park. 169- Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone from museum at fishing bridge, Yellowstone Park. 170-General store & antique shop fishing bridge, Yellowstone Park. 171-Museum & drive from store fishing bridge, Yellowstone. 172-Closeup of museum, fishing bridge, Yellowstone. 173-Open air amphi-theatre at museum, fishing bridge, Yellowstone. 174-Mt. Stream disappearing into ground, Sylvan Pass, Yellowstone. 175-Snowbank along highway, Sylvan Pass, Yellowstone. 176-Black Bear feeding Road canyon to Artist Point, Yellowstone. 177-Looking down on bottom of Upper Yellowstone Falls from left side, Yellowstone. 178-Upper Yellowstone Falls from right side Grand Canyon, Yellowstone. 179-Lower Yellowstone Falls & Grand Canyon from Artist Point, Yellowstone. 180-Landscape & downstream view of the Grand Canyon from Artist Point, Yellowstone. 181- Lower Yellowstone Falls & Grand Canyon, Yellowstone. 182-Upstream view of Yellowstone canyon below Falls, taken near Artist Point. 183-Closeup of lower Yellowstone Falls, Grand Canyon. 184-A drive through the pines Road Norris to Canyon, Yellowstone. 185-Grizzily Bear browsing Norris to Canyon, Yellowstone. 186-Grizzily jumping up on car Norris to Canyon, Yellowstone. 187-Young deer in timber Norris to Canyon, Yellowstone. 188-Virginiqa Cascades Norris to Canyon, Yellowstone. 189-Norris Geyser Basin from museum Norris, Yellowstone. 190-Closeup of Geyser near Norris museum constant small eruption. 191-Gibbons Falls. (80’ high) Norris to Madison Junction, Yellowstone. 192-Fountain Point Pot-Basin of boiling clay of all colors, Madison Junction to Old Faithful, Yellowstone. 193-“Punch Bowl” Hot Springs Madison Junction to old Faithful (1 mile from Old Faithful). 194-Gretto Geyser-Erupts to height of 20’ to 30’. Heat of water 201 degrees F. Madison Junction to Old Faithful (1/2 mile from Old Faithful). 195-Giant Geyser Height of eruption 200’ to 250’ Heat of water 201 degrees F. Near Old Faithful, Yellowstone. 196- Daisy Geyser, Height of eruption 70’ Temp of water 100.1 degrees F. About 1 mile west of Old Faithful. 197-Castle Geyser Eruption 50’ to 75’ about 1 mile west of Old Faithful. 198-Riverside Geyser Eruption 80’ to 100’ Water temp 200.1 degrees F. near Old Faithful. 199-Grand Geyser Eruption 200’, near Old Faithful. 200-Old Faithful Geyser Eruption 120’ to 180’, near Old Faithful. 201-Hotel at Old Faithful, Yellowstone. 202-The Tetons, Teton National Park, Wy. 203-Tower Creek Rapids above Tower Falls, Tower Falls, Yellowstone. 204-Te Tetons, Teton National Park, Wy. 205-Tower Falls (132’ high) Yellowstone. 206-Petrified Tree near Tower Falls (one of few remaining from Petrified Forest. 207-“Liberty Cup” formed by travertine deposit from one of hot springs Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone. 208-Terrace of travertine deposit Mammoth Hot Springs. 209-Liberty Cup & surrounding terrace, Mammoth Hot Springs 210-Jupiter Terrace one of largest overflowing springs at the present time Mammoth, Hot Springs. 211-Plateau of travertine looking E. from top of peak Left distance edge of plateau forms Jupiter Terrace Mammoth Hot Springs. 212-“Devils Thumb” consists of travertine deposit formed by artificially loading hot spring flow to one point. Now in the process of deterioration Mammoth Hot Springs. 213-“Minerva Terrace” one of largest and most beautiful Hot Spring producing overflow Dormant at present time, Mammoth Hot Springs. 214-Angel Terrace- A sea of flowing travertine, Mammoth Springs. 215-One of newest hot springs depositing on timber below, Mammoth Hot Springs. 216-Hot Spring Note clearness of spring as it comes out of ground at extreme left is overflow edge shown in picture 215 Mammoth Hot Springs. 217-Wayside seat shaded by antlers Front of Museum, Mammoth Hot Springs. 218-Hotel at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone. 219-Antelope grazing near north entrance to Yellowstone Park. 220-North entrance to Yellowstone Park. 221-One of the most modern tourist cabin camps in the west, Livingston, Mt. 222-Sheep going out after shearing, between 3000 and 4000 in flow, Livingston, Mt. 223-The same flock. 224-Gas station built of petrified wood at entrance to Petrified Wood Park. Lemmon, SD. 225-East entrance to Petrified Wood Park, Lemmon, SD. 226-Museum built of petrified wood located in park, Lemmon, SD. 227-Interior of Museum Park never was finished, Lemmon SD. 228-One of smaller houses built of petrified wood, Lemmon, SD. Glass Flag-Gold Star Mothers Church Peace Monument Church Flag Glass Church Altar Wisconsin River, Bridgeport WI. July 1937 Bridge across Wisconsin River, Bridgeport, WI. July 1937 Lake Michigan Milwaukee, WI. July, 1937 Lake Michigan Harbor, Milwaukee, WI. July 1937 Park-Milwaukee, WI, July 1937 Museum Chicago, Il. Harbor Lake Michigan, Chicago, Il. House of David Park, Benton Harbor, MI. July 1937 House of David Tourist Park, Benton Harbor, MI. House of David, Benton Harbor MI. Amusement Park. Ferry on Detroit River, Detroit, MI. To Windsor Canada from Canadian side. Detroit MI. skyline from Canadian side July 1937. International Bridge from Canadian side Across Detroit River, Winsdor Canada to Detroit Detroit Skyline looking upstream toward Lake St. Clair. Windsor Canada from International Bridge. Reception and display Bldg. Ford Plant, Dearborn, MI. Inside Display Bldg. Ford Plant, Dearborn, MI. July 1937. Lake Superior and Duluth, MN. From skyline Dr. Pattison St. Park, Manitou Falls, WI. Manitou Falls-Pattison St. Park. Falls-Pattison St. Park. Manitou Falls-Pattison St. Park. Joy Cook Park-August 1937. Joy Cook Park, Carlton, MN. Iron ore mine, Virginia, MN. Iron ore mine, Hibbing, MN largest open mine in U. S. Iron ore mine, Hibbing, MN. August, 1937 Private School, Hibbing MN, August, 1937