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John Coyle Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2010-051

Content Description

The collection consists of numbered file folders with information on fires and emergency responses in the Black Hills region, mainly of fires responded to by the Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department. John Coyle was a member of the Sturgis fire department. Various topics included in the collection are hazardous material spills, vehicle accidents, airplane accidents, structure fires, grass and timber fires, and out-of-state fires. The majority of the collection is newspaper accounts of fires throughout the Black Hills region and wilderness fires throughout the United States. However, some of the folders contain photographs of the events.

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  • ca. 1970s to 2000s


17 Cubic Feet


5590 1 Hazardous Material Spills--Rapid City, 1992 1A Hazardous Material Spills--Black Hills, 1979-1990 and 1993-1994 2 Vehicle and Airplane Fires, 1983-1989 3 Vehicle Wrecks and Fires, 1982-1986 4 Deadwood Fires 1987/ Deadwood School 1985/ Deadwood-Ranger Bar 1982 Deadwood Fires 1987-F.L. Thorpes/Syndicate building/Shankar Imports Spearfish Fires 1975-Kelley Hotel/Motel complex Lead Fires 1984-Homestake Opera House Deadwood celebrates 20 years of gambling 5 Westberry Fire, Book I, July 1988--west of Rapid City Westberry Fire, Book II, July 1988--west of Rapid City 6 Brewer Fire (Montana)’88/ Short Pines Fire ‘88/ Long Pines Fire ‘88 Hanna Fire (Lead) ‘88/ Elair Fire ‘88/ O’Neil Fire ‘88/ Thompkins Fire ‘88 5591 7 Yellowstone National Park Fire, June ‘88 7A Yellowstone National Park Fire, June ‘88 7B VHS Tapes – Yellowstone National Park Fires/ Old Faithful Fire 8 Galena Fire, Custer State Park ‘88 Custer State Park Fire September ‘90 9 Grace Lutheran Parish House ’89--Sturgis Mobile Home Woodland Trailer Court, June ’89--Sturgis J.U. Dickinson Sawmill ’69/ Woods Sawmill ‘88/--Sturgis Potter’s Sawmill--Whitewood/Little River Sawmill ’93--Piedmont 10 Sturgis Structure Fires, 1982-1987/ D&D Motors/ Sturgis Meat Sturgis Structure Fires--Key City Lanes ‘85 11 Sturgis Structure Fires, 1980-1988 Sturgis Structure Fires, 1979-1988/ La Belle Creamery, 1974 5592 12 Sturgis Fires: Landfill ‘71/ Marsh Wholesale ‘75/ Ted’s Repair ‘76/ Dickson’s Sawmill ‘76/ Wingspread ‘79 13 Bomber Crew in Hills ‘85/ Flint Hills-Seven Sisters ‘85/Sundance, WY ‘85/ Kyle, SD ‘85 14 Grass and Timber Fires, 1976-1988 15 Squire Broel--50 years in Fire Service 16 Vehicle, Watercraft, and Airplanes, 1990-1991/ Sturgis Structure Fires, 1990-1991/ Grass and Timber Fires, 1990 17 Grass and Timber Fires, 1991-1993/ Horse Creek and Shirt Tail Fires--‘91 5593 18 Sturgis Structure Fires, 1991-1993: Shady Rest Trail Court/ Baldwin Sawmill/ Harley Davison/ Kelly Farms 19 Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 1990-1991: Howe Building, Treber House, and Historic Apartments - Deadwood/ Belle Fourche Building Center, Rob’s Inc. and Pioneer Sporting Goods - Belle Fourche/ Main Street - Whitewood 20 Sturgis Structure Fires, 1993-1994 Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 1993 21 Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 1994 22 Fires in the United States, 1985-1994 – FEMA 23 Vehicle Fires, 1992-1993 24 Grass and Timber Fires, 1994/ Hisega Fire ‘93/ Stage Barn Canyon Fire ‘94 5594 24A Non-Sturgis Grass and Timber Fires, 1992 Hermosa/ Stratobowl/ Bitter Creek/ New Underwood 25 Out of State Fires: Storm King Mountain ‘94 (Colorado)/California/ Washington/ Oregon 26 Grass and Timber Fires, 1993-1994 Trailer Hauling Log Cabin, 750 acres/ Buzz and Roost/ Stage Canyon Barn 26A Grass and Timber Fires, 1995/ Non-Sturgis Wildfires 27 Sturgis Structure Fires, 1995-1996 28 Bear Butte Fire, 1996 28A Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 1997 Sacora Station Restaurant/ Western Star Inc/ Mountain Plains II Subdivision 5595 28B Rapid City Fire, 1997 29 Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 1994-1996 Historic Church Destroyed, Pine Ridge/ Home burns, Midland/ Belle Fourche Roosevelt Fire/ Inspection 18 Code Violations/ Family Eludes near Tragedy/ Fire Guts Main Building 30 Vehicle and Aircraft Fires, 1995-1997 31 Hazardous Material Spills, 1995-1997 32 VHS Tapes – Crank Fire ’97, Modoc, CA 33 Fires: Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Oregon, Kansas, North California, 1995-1996 34 North Ridge Earthquake ‘94/ Southern California Fires ‘93 5596 35 Lead Fires 1997 36 Sturgis and Non-Sturgis Structure Fires 1998 J.P. Cycle Shop/ Tri-State Milling Elevator, Nisland 37 Grass and Timber Fires, 1997-1998 Dewy 2 Newcastle, Wyoming/ Westberry Trails/ Blair Herford Ranch 37A Fires: California, Washington, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Florida--1998 38 Sturgis Hill and Sly Hill Fire ‘98 39 Fires: California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon--1999 39A Fires: California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon--1999 5597 40 Aircraft and Vehicle Fires--1997/ Hazardous Material Spills, 1998-1999 40A Aircraft and Vehicle Fires ’99 – Payne Stewart Crash Hazardous Material Spills, 2000 41 Sturgis and Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 1999-2000 Dakota Mill & Grain/ South Pine Motel/ Harney Peak/ Sturgis Community Nursing Home 42 Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 1999-2000 42A Grass and Timber Fires, 2000 42B Jasper Fire, 2000 42C Jasper Fire, 2000-2001 5598 42D Jasper Fire, 2000 42E Jasper Fire, 2000 42F Jasper Fire, 2000 43 Fires: New Mexico, Los Alamos, 2000 44 Fires: Wyoming, Montana, 2000 45 Fires: Colorado, New Mexico, 2000 46 Fires: Idaho, Washington, Georgia, California, 2000 5599 47 Fire: Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, 2000 48 Fire: Australia, 2001-2002 48A Fire: Australia, 2002 48B Fire: Australia, 2003 48C Fire: Australia, 2002 49 BLM Controlled Burn at Devils Tower, 2001 50 Roger Shack and West Hell Canyon, 2001 51 Sturgis and Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 2001 5600 52 Fires: California, Florida, 2001 52A Fires: Florida, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, California, 2001 52B Fires: Montana, Idaho, 2001 53 Aircraft and Vehicle Fires/ Hazardous Material Spills, 2000-2001 54 World Trade Center 9/11/2001 54A World Trade Center 9/11/2001 World Trade Center 9/11/2001--Three Ring Binder (added 1/14/2016) 5601 54B World Trade Center 9/11/2001 54C World Trade Center 9/11/2001 54D Pentagon 9/11/2001 55 Biscuit Fire, Siskiyou National Forest (Oregon and California), 2002 National Fire Statistics 55A Grass and Timber Fires, Out-of-State, 2002 55B Black Hills, Living in the Redzone, 2002 56 Black Hills, Battle Creek Fire, 2002 5602 56A Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 2002--Federal Beet/ Kraft Springs 56B Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 2002--Wall Drug 56C Fires: Arizona--Rodeo Fire/ Towers Fire/ Bullock Fire, 2002 57 Little Elk Fire, 2002/ Grizzly Gulch Fire, 2002 57A Fires: Colorado, 2002 57B Fires: Colorado, 2002 57C Fires: Colorado, 2002 5603 57D Grass and Timber Fires, Out-of-State, 2002--Colorado 58 Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 2002 Wheeler Lumber/ Sundance, WY/ Keystone, SD 58A Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 2003 Belle Business Burns Friday/ Deadwood Motel Burns 58B Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 2002 Sheldon Canyon Fire/ Horse Cooking Fire/ Harding County Fire/ 6,100 acre Reservation Fire 59 Grass and Timber Fires, 2003 Red Point Fire/ Crow Peak Fire/ Mill Road Fire 59A Grass and Timber Fires, 2003 Red Point Fire contained/ Red Point Fire now at 1,200 acres in inferno/ Fire flares to 15,000 acres Papa fire 59B Minnehaha County Fire Rescue, 2006 5604 59C Minnehaha County Fire Rescue, 2002 60 Fires: California, 2003 60A Fires: California, 2003 60B Fires: California, 2003 60C/D Fires: California, 2003 60E Fires: Arizona, 2003 60F Fires: Glacier National Park-Montana, 2003 Fires: Wyoming, 2003 5605 61 Grass and Timber Fires, 2004 Life on the lookout/ Bennett Canyon Fire contained/ New Fire Program coming to WDTI/ Becoming Fire Wise/ Fire Fighters Fight Contract 62 Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 2003 Keystone Recovers from 2003 fire/ Downtown Destruction-Cheyenne, WY 63 Minnehaha County Fire Rescue, 2004-2005 64 Grass and Timber Fires, Out-of-State, 2004 64A Fires: Arizona, 2004 64B Fires: California, 2004 65 Black Hills, Ricco Fire, 2005 5606 65A Grass and Timber Fires, 2005 66 Non-Sturgis Structure Fires, 2005 67 Grass and Timber Fires, 2005 Folder 1: Certificates: John Coyle Folder 2: Plaque: John Coyle MD 113 F2 Black Hills National Forest, Large Fire History, 1911-2006 MD 114 F6 Newspapers and Posters