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Scotty Philip Buffalo Herd—Glass Plate Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Container: Vault: U1S6
Identifier: H2013-008

Content Description

The collection consists of ten 8x10 glass plate negatives found in the State Archives vault. The glass plates mainly are of photographs of Scotty Philip’s buffalo herd north of Fort Pierre (S.D.). Also included is an image looking east into Blunt (S.D.) and a group of ten Native Americans, in native dress, with other dignitaries. R.L. Kelly of Pierre was the photographer. The images date to circa 1908. In January of 1974 prints were made and added to the general collections files. The plates were scanned and added to the SD Digital Archives.

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Restrictions Apply



  • ca. 1908



0.25 Cubic Feet

10 glass_negatives


1 – Scotty Philip R. L. Kelly-Photo (5x7) 2 – "Scotty Philip's buffalo ranch" Many buffalo on the prairie. R. L. Kelly-Photo (10x8) 3 – "Scotty Philip's buffalo ranch" Large herd of buffalo on the prairie. R. L. Kelly-Photo Upper right corner chipped. (10x8) 4 – Scotty Philip's buffalo ranch near Fort Pierre, South Dakota. R. L. Kelly-Photo (10x8) 5 – "Scotty Philip's buffalo ranch" Many buffalo behind a barb wire fence. R. L. Kelly-Photo (10x8) 6 – “Scotty Philip's buffalo ranch" Five people in a car with buffalo behind a barb wire fence. R. L. Kelly-Photo (10x8) 7 – “Scotty Philip's buffalo ranch" Five buffalo on a hill. R. L. Kelly-Photo (10x8) 8 – "Scotty Philip's buffalo ranch" Buffalo grazing on the prairie. R. L. Kelly-Photo (10x8) 9 – Town view-Blunt, South Dakota R. L. Kelly-Photo (10x8) 10 – Eleven Native Americans in native dress and one office in military dress. Indian Council - 1908 at Pierre, SD Standing left to right: Little Shield, Lone Eagle, Iron Lightning, Alfred Sidney Frost, Fish Gut, Charging First Sitting left to right: Brown Thunder, Afraid of Enemy (should be feared by enemy), Puts on his Shoes, White Bull, also called erroneously "Lazy White Bull" (White Bull in Dakota translates "Ple san hunka" which means leading in head White Bull, but the term for lazy was "hunkesini," his name was interpreted incorrectly and he was usually called Lazy White Bull) Yellow owl, Giles Tapetomwan or Tapeola (interpreter). Caption information found in Indian Council Cheyenne River photo P161 (10x8)