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Giblert Alseth Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2003-003

Content Description

This collection consists of digital images that were received through a series of emails. The images were saved to the state server, to a CD, and paper copies were printed. The donor maintains the original photographs. Gilbert Alseth was born in Norway in 1862. He moved with his parents to the United States in 1868, where they settled in Volin, South Dakota. Gilbert and his wife Dina returned to Norway on one of the White Star Line steamers in 1908 after a series of unfortunate incidents while farming. The Alseths settled in Molde, Norway where Gilbert built a house similar to the one he lived in while in Volin. The donor of these photographs presently lives in this house that Gilbert built. Unless otherwise noted, the photographs are unidentified and undated. Presumably the people pictured are friends or family of the Alseth family while in Volin. Gilbert lived close to his father, Ole, in Volin. The images of the houses and barns could be of either homestead

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Restrictions Apply



  • ca. 1900s


0.1 Cubic Feet

50 Megabytes


Image 1 & 2: front and back of a greeting card. “Greetings from Marindahl Mercantile Co., Marindahl, South Dakota.” Image 3 & 4: Postcard addressed to Mr. Gilbert Alseth in Molde Norway from L.O.Solem. The image is of a couple seated in an automobile in front of a house. Postmarked [1911] from Volin. Image 5: house in Volin. Image 6: farm in Volin. Image 7: group of people gathered on the porch of a house. Image 8: house in Volin. Image 9: woman doing laundry. Image 10: group of people and a team of horses gathered in front of a barn. Image 11: Two men wearing suits holding a Bemidji, Minnesota banner. Image 12: Harald Kjode near his home in Molde, Norway. Image 13: house in Volin (similar to image #5 and 8, but a different structure). Image 14: house built by Mr. Gilbert Alseth in Molde Norway. Winter scene, 1908. Image 15: street scene of the house Mr. Gilbert Alseth built in 1908. Image 16 & 17: photograph identification card dated 1941 for Gilbert Alseth and advertisement for the White Star Line. Image 18-21: three receipts from the First National Bank in Yankton, 1908 and one receipt for a U.S. postal money order, 1908. Image 22-24: Letter written by Rev. P.H. Dahl on March 3, 1908 regarding Gilbert Alseth. Two receipts from the First National Bank in Yankton, 1907.