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South Dakota Humanities Council Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2002-003

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This collection consists of materials created by the South Dakota Humanities Council from 1972-1986. Those materials include publications, correspondence, directories, brochures, reports, questionnaires, minutes, newsletters and news clippings. The folders are in alphabetical order. The South Dakota Humanities Council (SDHC), founded in 1972 in response to an act of Congress, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and the only cultural organization in the state whose sole mission is to deliver humanities programming to the people of South Dakota. As a steward of the state's cultural awareness and heritage, SDHC cultivates statewide interest in South Dakota history, literature and other related humanities subjects, while stimulating an interest in the state's place as part of the universal human experience. This programming vision forms the core mission of SDHC "to support and promote the exchange of ideas to foster a thoughtful and engaged society."

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  • 1972-1996



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Box 7036 Activity Account #3087, 3088, 3089, NEH Planning Grant 1971-1972 Aging Myth and Reality Archive Materials 1971-1973 (1971-1978) Archive Materials 1971-1972 (2 folders) The Ascent of Man, A Guide for Discussion Brochures First Year Printing Brochures 1973-1974 Brochures 1974-1975 Brochures, Miscellaneous (2 folders) Brochure, Regrant Program 1975-1976 Censorship - Library Program Spring 1974 Chautaugua 1984 Humanities Guide Correspondence 1971-1972 Correspondence Committee and Council 1972-1975 Correspondence Congressmen 1972-1976 Correspondence General 1972-1975 (3 folders) Correspondence Jim Kraft/Signe Dodge 1971-1973 Correspondence Miscellaneous 1972-1975 Council of Humanists 1971 Directory of Humanists 1973 (No. 1) Directory of Humanists 1974 (No. 2) Directory of Humanists 1975 (No. 3) 4th year Education of The Sioux : Supplement to the Film Evaluation 1975-1976 Federation Reports October 1977-March 1979 Federation Reports January 1978- June 1978 Note: missing Feb. 1978 Federation Reports July 1978-December 1978 Index for Oct-Dec. 1978 Films: Guides and Resource The Future of South Dakota Program 1976 Box 7037 Healthcare Crisis at Rosebud, A Report Humanities in Residence Program 1975 Humanities Business, Harriet Montgomery 1974 Humanities Business, Programs 1974 Humanities Business, Regrant Project 1974 Humanities, Newsletter NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities) Feb.1975-June 1978 Humanities, Newsletter South Dakota, Vol. 1-Vol. 3 1972-1975 (Bound) Copy 1 Humanities, Newsletter South Dakota, Vol. 1-Vol. 3 1972-1975 (Bound) Copy 2 Humanities, Newsletter S.D. Vol. 1 No. 1 Oct 1972 – Nov. 1986 (2 folders) Humanities, Newsletter S.D. Vol. 2 Nov. 1973 – April 1974 Humanities, Newsletter S.D. Vol. 3 Nov. 1974 – April 1975 Humanities, Newsletter S.D. Vol. 4 July 1975 – June 1976 Issues, Identification Survey January 1973 Jeffersonian Lecture 1973 List of Vita (Indian Awareness Week Resource People) Marken Records Correspondence 1971-1973 Marken Records Correspondence 1971-1975 Marken Records Correspondence 1971-1975 Marken Records Correspondence 1971-1977 Marken Records Correspondence / Barcroft 1971-1973 Marken Records Correspondence / Carlson 1971-1974 Marken Records Correspondence / Greenfield 1971-1972 Marken Records Correspondence / Haug / Rich 1970-1973 Marken Records Correspondence / Hoover 1974 Marken Records Correspondence / Whalen 1972-1974 Meetings 1973-1974 (2nd year) Meetings (Committee Council Minutes) March, 1974-April 11, 1975 Midwestern Center Bulletin Dec.7, 1973-May 15, 1975 Minutes Executive Committee Sept. 18, 1971- Feb. 14, 1975 Minutes South Dakota Committee Nov. 12, 1971 – Sept. 22, 1978 Minutes 1973 Humanities Minutes Meeting Plans 1975 National Endowment 1974 NEH (National Endowment of the Humanities) Eleventh Annual Report NEH (Nat. Endowment of the Humanities) Grant Letter 1972- 1973 (1st Year) NEH Grant Letter 1973-1974 (2nd year) NEH News Release 1975 NEH Questionnaires 1st Year NEH Questionnaires 1973 2nd Year National Meeting, State Programs in the Humanities Box 7038 Newsletter, Miscellaneous Newspaper clippings 1971, 1978 Newspaper clippings 1974-1977 News clippings 1972-1975 News clippings 1974-1975 Newspaper clippings 1975-1976 Newspaper clippings 1977 Newspaper clippings, Constitution Series 1987 News Releases S.D. Committee on the Humanities Vol. 1 1972-1975 (Bound) News Releases 1971-1975 (2 photos) Perspectives On South Dakota, Conference Addresses 1975-1976 Program Requests Programs and Printed Reports 1972-1973 Programs and Printed Reports 1974-1976 Project Director’s Checklist Proposals/Applications 1975 Regionalism and Culture, Tri-State Humanities Conference Sept. 1977 Regrant Proposals, Criteria for Judging 1973 Regrant Proposals, Guidelines Early Form 1972-1973 Regrant Proposals 1972 Resource Guides, Speaker Programs Seminar for Humanists 1976 Seminar Narratives, Jeanette Kinyon Miscellaneous Subjects Second Year Pictures-Clippings 1974 (Photos) South Dakota Committee on the Humanitees, Minutes 1971-1977 Speeches, Papers 1972-1973 (2 folders) Speeches 1973-1974 State Based Bulletin Feb. 1974- Feb. 1975 Summary of Programs and Requested Appropriations 1976 Tombstone Epitaph Jan 1983 Journal of the Old West Voices, Values, and Visions of S,D,’s Land and People, Proposal 1975-1978