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Julia (Marvin) Geeting Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2002-022

Content Description

This collection consists of photographs, glass plate negatives, correspondence, family genealogy, and Springfield State Normal School memorabilia belonging to Julia (Marvin) Geeting.

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  • 1895-1974



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Folder 1: Julia Marvin Geeting Personal Papers Marriage announcement (2 copies), subpoena to Julia Marvin against Thomas Mackey,1895; Church membership letter, undated; Springfield Public School commencement announcement, 1897; notebook of notes and lesson plans Folder 2: “Self Culture” Julia Marvin’s Commencement oration, April 9, 1900 Folder 3: Teaching Certificates and Contracts Two teaching contracts dated September 2, 1902, July 25, 1903; letter dated July 8, 1905 asking for renewal; Five Year Teaching Certificate, 1905; letter dated July 24, 1905 reissuing the certificate Folder 4: Julia Marvin Geeting Teaching Recommendations, 1900-1905 May 11, 1900, May 12, 1900, June 1903 (2), July 6, 1905, July 8, 1905 (3) Folder 5: Springfield State Normal School Class Day Exercises and Alumni Banquets, Menu and program for Alumni Banquet, 1899; Alumni banquet 1900; Class Day exercises 1899 and 1900; four booklets “Class Day Exercises Class of 1900” (one without cover) Folder 6: Springfield State Normal School Commencement Programs 1899, 1899 invitation, 1900, 1900 invitation, class list of 1900, commencement program 1900, 1901, 1904, undated program Folder 7: Springfield State Normal School Programs, 1898 June 14 (2), June 15 (2), and November 21 Folder 8: Alumni Association Constitution and By-laws, 1902 Folder 9: Incoming correspondence, 1926-1974 To Julia Marvin from Annie?, May 26, 1903, to Julia from Mailie Moore December 23, 1926, to Charles Geeting from D.F. Geeting February 1, 1927, To Julia from Jennie Flowers, December 23, 1930, Notecard with newsclipping to Eleanor Geeting from Aunt Gina Marvin January 7, 1966, to Eleanor Geeting from St. Mary’s School for Indian Girls, December 21, 1967, to Eleanor from Charles Geeting March 31, 1974, and letter to Julia from Mailie Moore, undated. Folder 10: Family Genealogy Namecard of W.J. Smith, Namecard for Walter Marvin, birth certificate for Eleanor Geeting, July 28, 1911, letter to Mrs. Charles Geeting from W.M. Young regarding Young family genealogy, December 22, 1934; Recipes for cooking Rice, booklet with genealogy inside; letter to Julia from Mrs. Maud Luke, February 9, 1956; estate papers of Altha Marvin, September 11, 1923; three pages of genealogical information; (brown paper); letter to Mrs. C.A. Geeting, Young Genealogy, 1957; nine handwritten pages of Geeting, Young and Marvin genealogy, typed list of Young family names and dates, one handwritten page of Elijah, Asabel and Altha Young genealogy, one page handwritten genealogy of Marvin family, one handwritten page of Colburn family history. Folder 11: Obituaries and death notices Memorial pamphlet for Bessie Lindsley, May 15, 1952, memorial pamphlet and news-clipping for Cornelia Marvin, October 3, 1947 (2); news-clipping of memoriam for Mrs. Altha Marvin, undated; Western Union Telegram of Walter Marvin’s death, April 15, 1961; laminated clipping of death of Bessie Lindsley; Memorial card for Mrs. E.C. Marvin, February 20, 1923; Western Union telegram of Jane’s death October 2, 1947; memorial card for Delia R. Dennis, September 17, 1955; note to Julia from Ethel regarding Soren’s death, September 11, 1948; news-clipping of Benjamin Rice Wagner’s death, undated; news-clipping of Mr. Anson Young’s death, undated; news-clipping of Mrs. Anson’s death, undated; news-clipping of Mrs. E.C. Marvin’s death, undated. Folder 12: Wedding Announcements Edith Campbell to Enos Geeting, 1903, Gina Forseth and Walter Marvin, 1914, Doty Flack and Howard Hill, 1902, Maud Henderson and Lewis Hough, 1903, news-clipping of Miss Marvin and Arthur Hegvold’s wedding, 1948 Folder 13-15: Photographs 6x9 b&w photo of Julia, Eleanor and Charles Geeting 4 ½ x 6 ½ b&w photo on secondary support of group of people, Springfield October 31, 1900. 6x8 b&w photo, on secondary support of group of people, Springfield State Normal School, undated. Julia Geeting back row, 3rd from left 7 ½ x 9 ½ b&w photo, on secondary support, I.O.O.F. Hall, Wind Cave near Hot Springs, June 14, 1903. (top left corner was broken off and had been taped to the support) 6x8 b&w photo, on secondary support, Springfield S.D., near depot. Along where creek empties into Missouri River, undated. 6x8 b&w photo, on secondary support, south of depot at Springfield, S.D. Missouri River in distance, undated. Marked Studio, Springfield, S.D. in lower right 6x8 b&w photo, on secondary support, Depot at Springfield, undated. Sparks Studio, Springfield, S.D. in lower right. 2x3 ½ b&w photo on secondary support, Althia Marvin, Julia’s mother, undated. 3 ½ x5 b&w photo of Aunt Bessie (Marvin) 3x5 b&w photo of Marvin clan, Rapid City, S.D., undated 3x5 b&w photo of Hal and Bessie Lindsey, undated 2 ½ x 3 ½ b&w photo of Bessie Marvin and unidentified man, undated 2 ½ x 4 ½ b&w photo of Cornelia, Bessie and unidentified man, undated 3x5 b&w photo in enclosure of Julia, Cornelia, and Bessie Marvin, undated. Frank M. Medler photographer 3x4 b&w photo in enclosure of Julia Geeting, undated. 3x6 b&w photo in enclosure of Altha Adeline Marvin and Albert Forseth Marvin 3x4 b&w photo on secondary support of Eleanor Geeting, born July 28, 1911 Springfield, S.D. 3x4 b&w photo on secondary support of Julia, Cornelia and Bessie Marvin. Photo by Spark’s Studio. 3x 5 ½ b&w photo on secondary support of Eleanor Geeting, born July 28, 1911. Photo by Frank W. Medlar, Spencer, I.A. 2x2 b&w baby photo of Cornelia Marvin, undated. 3 ½ x 6 b&w photo Mrs. Maud A. West, dated may 27, 1950 2 ½ x 4 b&w photo on secondary support of Bessie Marvin (Lindsley) Springfield, S.D. undated 3x 4 ½ b&w photo of Cornelia Marvin and unidentified person at the Wyoming Hospital, undated. 3 ½ x 5 ½ b&w photo of Cornelia Marvin, taken June 30, 1918 at Wyoming. 3x 4 ½ b&w photo of Bessie Marvin, undated. Letter to Alice Young from E.C.M., undated. 2 ½ x 4 b&w photo of unidentified woman included. Letter addressed to Julia Geeting from Mr. W.H. Snow, dated November 23, 1948. 2 ½ x 3 ½ b&w photo of Evelyn Walker, Beverly Kay and unidentified person. 3 x 4 ½ b&w photo of Maud West, Julia Gardner, Sarah Jones, Julia Geeting, Florence Snow, Will Snow, Florence James at a 55th Wedding Anniversary 3 x 4 ½ b&w photo of Will Snow, Florence Snow, Charles Snow, Elsie Hanson, and Evelyn Walker at 55th Wedding Anniversary Souvenir Letter (2) addressed to Mrs. Charles Geeting in Spencer I.A. Enclosures contain four pages (front & back) of postcard scenes of the Springfield area. 1907 and 1908 2 postcard of the Ladies’ dormitory at Springfield. Postmarked December 7, 1908 and July 9, 1914. Postcard of a river ferry, Springfield, S.D. Not used. (crease down the center of the card) Postcard of a river scene near Springfield, S.D. Postmark is unreadable. Postcard of the State Soldier’s Home at Hot Springs, S.D. Postcard of the Springfield State Normal School. Images of the Science Hall, Main Building and the ladies dormitory. “Dec. 1913 To Julia from Mrs. Flowers” on reverse. 5x7 b&w photo on secondary support of unidentified house. 4x5 b&w photo on secondary support of unidentified building (Normal School?) Folder 16: Miscellaneous 1902 Commencement invitation for the Nurse Training School for the St. Peter State Hospital, 1902 Consititution and By-laws of the Deborah Rebekah Lodge of the I.O.O.F., 1896. Picturesque Manila, 1898. Walter Marvin in Spanish American War, buried in the Veterans National Cemetery in Rapid City, S.D. Cloth map of a city plat measuring 18” square. Unidentified city. Folder 17: Scanned prints of the glass plate negatives Vault: nine glass plates, measuring 3 ½ x 3 ½ . The negatives were scanned and paper prints were made and included with the rest of the collection. The glass plates are stored in the vault. 7035B: Scans of glass plates put on disk and placed in this box