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Reverend William Gaines Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2001-005

Content Description

This collection consists of seventy-two 5x7 glass plate negatives and one 4x5. Reverend William Gaines was a minister of the Dakota Conference from 1900 to 1937. He served areas such as Plankinton, Beresford, Big Stone City, Milbank and Clear Lake. William Gaines took the photographs in the Big Stone area around 1910. The majority of the glass plates are images of people or groups of people. Some of the plates have sustained water damage or damage to the emulsion by fingerprints. The negatives were scanned at a high resolution, but some did not turn out well due to poor contrast. The glass plates were cleaned, scanned and placed in archival folders. Paper prints of the negatives were sent to the donors for identification. The glass plates are stored in the vault, the paper prints are stored in box 8535A and the scanned images are on a CD in box 7035B. The digital images are also saved on the N: drive.

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Restrictions Apply



  • 1910s



0.5 Cubic Feet


1. Cars-6 people, probably in Plankinton, SD 2. Buffalo-probably SD 3. Park lake, Plankinton, SD-fishing 4. Blank 5. Blank 6. 9 horses facing barn side 7. Stereoscopic copy-Reuben and Ruth 8. Blank 9. Another stereoscopic 10. On a farm. Barn looks like where horses were facing it 11. 9 people, graduation class? 12. 2 ladies? 13. Reuben and Ruth 14. Farm, 7 people 15. Blank 16. Great grandparents. I think they are Redman. I have a copy of the picture some place. 17. Man in cornfield with mustache and bowler hat 18. The Gaines Family. Rear: Flossie, Frank, Hattie, Rev. William Gaines. Front: Reuben, Augusta Redman Gaines, Ruth 19. Probably Flossie 20. Possibly Redman family 21. 2 boys or men 22. Family Reunion 23. Blank 24. Girl? With lamb? 25. Beresford, SD Girls Basketball team, Flossie is #4 from left 26. Family reunion 27. School class? 28. Family reunion 29. Poor pictures but might be Hattie or Ruth 30. 2? By tree? Poor picture 31. All men, may have been minister conference 32. Great picture of a car. Grandpa Gaines? 33. Political rally? 34. Trees, ladies? 35. 3 young women, Hattie on left? 36. Augusta Gaines and 2 sisters? 37. Family gathering 38. Reuben on Horseback 39. Dapper gentleman? 40. Portrait-sister of Augusta-Hattie Redman? 41. 3 sisters, Augusta standing on R 42. Blank 43. Reuben feeding cow 44. Ruth and Reuben. Augusta seated 45. Ruth, Augusta, Reuben, could be Reuben’s HS graduation 46. Not sure. This is an earlier picture 47. 2 young women? 48. Rev. William Gaines 49. Man? 50. It could be Hattie going off to college? 51. Hattie 52. The Classic-Reuben and Ruth 53. The Classic-Reuben and Ruth 54. Classic, Reuben, Augusta (seated), Ruth 55. Classic, Reuben and Ruth 56. This may be Hattie and Flossie 57. It’s probably Ruth on the ground and Reuben standing 58. Flossie, 3rd from left. Probably her HS friends (or class) 59. Frank Gaines 60. 2 ladies? 61. Rev. Gaines in back in the middle. The rest are probably ministers 62. Couple of horses and ponies. Too faded. 63. Great. L-R Flossie, Frank, Hattie in back. Seated in front is Ruth with Reuben standing beside her 64. Faded 65. Car-4 people. People standing on porch. Too faded 66. Classic, Special. The whole family. Back row: Hattie, Flossie, Wily Seated: Augusta holding Reuben. Rev. William Gaines holding Ruth Seated on the ground: Frank. Scarlet Fever took Wily shortly after this picture 67. Duplicate of #50. Hattie going off to college 68. Ruth on horse 69. Trees-faded 70. Rev. William Gaines (back on left) Probably ministers 71. Street celebration, partially faded 72. Great picture of Ruth. Notice stereoscopic viewer ont eh left side on the ground beside her. There may be some toys also 73. Faded