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Vern Kraemer Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2014-075

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The collection consists of photographs, news clippings, digital images and digital film footage compiled by and related to Vern Kraemer concerning aviation history in South Dakota. Box 6473A contains a number of photographs of different models of planes, early aviation photographs, Halley Airport in Rapid City (S.D.) and images of Vern Kraemer. Flat box 552 holds oversized items including a 7x14 photograph of three planes and their pilots, Ray Fuller, Herb Hansen and Wilber Cool from the 1920s. Also featured is a 12x15 photograph of Clyde Ice and his plane with a number of different aviators who are identified in the photo. In addition, the box includes a poster advertisement for Clyde Ice’s Black Hills Flying Service for crop dusting. The digital files include film footage from 1953 of Vern’s tri-wing aircraft flying above Rapid City. The film runs four minutes and five seconds. Also included are a number of South Dakota aviation related images collected by Vern and Norma Kraemer in 2009. The 139 image include a number of planes (including propeller and jet planes) and pilots in various locations throughout South Dakota. A Word .doc file is included that identifies the digital images. The digital files were run through the State Archives digitization preservation program. The files contain 730 MB of information. The CDs were placed in box 3749F.

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  • ca. 1910s-1950s


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Index to Digital Image files Glen.tif - Glenn Morris and his T-18 at Wall, SD in May 1986. Halley1955.tif L to R LA Kraemer’s Curtiss Pusher, Floyd Hesler’s Alexander Eaglerock, Morse Hayden’s Nicholas Beasley, Halley Airport 1955. National Guard helicopter in the air. Hesler.tif Floyd Hesler and Steckle (L) . Floyd’s long wing Eaglerock N5914 OX-5 90hp Halley Airport 1955’ Tough.tif Jean Tough’s Cessna 140 ready for the Powder puff race 1959. Pusher.tif LA Kraemer’s Curtiss Pusher C1 Halley Airport 1955 Rambler.tif LA Kraemer’s Rapid Rambler homebuilt 1954 N6002V Halley Airport Leepuff.tif Dorothy Lee ready for the Powder Puff race 1958. Cessna 140 N2212K Halley1940.tif taken at Halley Airport 1940. Velie.tif - Alf at the crank Velie Monocoupe Aeronautics.tif -L to R Keith Anderson Flight Service Station, Pierre, SD, Clay Feldhausen Supervisory Inspector, GADO, Rapid City, SD, Lynn Hanson Director of Aeronautics Commission, Pierre, SD, Vern Kraemer, William Ramsey Assistant Area Manager, FAA, Minneapolis, MN, at the SD State Capitol March 1969 in Governor Farrar’s office. Playboy.tif - Vern flying the Stits Playboy he built picture dated 1978. Spirit.tif - Spirit of St. Louis replica of EAA’s at Rapid City Regional Airport on tour of US in 1977. Vern Kraemer in front of plane, Was able to fly it for 20 minutes as host. Blackhills.tif - Vern Kraemer in front of first plane he worked on, a 1941 GRC Waco at the Black Hills Airport, Spearfish, SD. My teacher mechanic Carl Limley. Clyde Ice was the operator at the time. Curtiss.tif - Curtiss Pusher C1 at Halley Field 1955 owned by Vern Kraemer. Engine 60 hp Franklin Curtiss2.tif - 1931 Curtiss Pusher CW2 at Halley Field owned by Vern Kraemer in 1955 Dwdballoon.tif - 1903 balloon ascension in Deadwood, SD (Adams Museum picture) Dwdcurtiss.tif 1912 demonstration flight in Deadwood landing at rodeo grounds. Took off from hay field on HWY 14? Fundraiser to build Deadwood Recreation Center. Pilot was Art Smith (Adams Museum picture) Ohanka.tif - Flyer from Rapid Airlines in early 1930’s. Found in Vern’s scrapbook of newspaper clippings in basement. Aerolet.tif - Letter to Vern from Aeronautics commission offering to help with trip to Oklahoma City and to say Governor Frank Farrar would like to present the Mechanic of the year award in his office. Brown.tif - Travelaire owned by Knapp Brown, Packard dealer in Sioux Falls. MHC Curtiss3.tif =MHC Vern Kraemer’s Curtiss Jr. At Halley airport taken by marion Havelaar in 1958. Curtiss CW-1 Initially powered by a cylinder Szkdly. Had a characteristic of throwing a cylinder so a strap was put on it. This plane had a Franklin. Stinson.tif =MHC Stinson 10 at Sioux Falls, Marion bought a ride for a couple of dollars. Second airplane ride. About 1940. Waco.tif = MHC UPF 7 used as advanced trainer for the CPT program at Sioux Falls. Knapp Brown’s operation. Was war current production. Approximately 700 of these planes were built. Today they are a very highly prized airplane. Percentage wise there are more left than Stearmans. Waco2.tif =MHC same airplane as waco.tif. Painted blue and yellow in army. Helihalley.tif = MHC Hiller H23 at Halley Airport operated by the Army Guard. Guard operation was at Halley. Helihalley2.tif = MHC Same Hiller H23 as in Helihalley.tif. Running. In background is L20 (Beaver) L20 Pilot was Donald Effinger. Was personal transportation for General Arndt of Guard. Natguard.tif = MHC An A26 operated by SD national Guard. Was changed to a B26 designation after WWII. Bomber.tif = MHC Martin B-10 was a very modern plane in its day. Was a first line bomber flew into Yankton and Spearfish on display. Birdwing.tif = MHC The only one built taken at airport near Ellsworth. Was based at Rushmore and owned by a man stationed at Ellsworth. Serial #100. Jenny.tif = MHC Taken probably at Sacramento , CA. Row of Jennies. Bomber2.tif = MHC DeHavilland Mosquito bomber. Made out of wood. Fastest bomber of WWII. No defensive armament. Could outrun anything. Used extensively as a bomber and Marion got to fly it. Owned by US and used by reconnaissance purposes. Powered by two Rolls Royce engines. Packard in US manufactured, Canadians built plane. Bomber3.tif.=MHC Mosquito bomber as above in bomber2.tif. Has US markings. Slurry.tif = MHC = = picture date 1963 B-17 converted to slurry bomber at Spearfish. Arnold Kolb used this type of B-17 in his firefighting operations. Blizzard49.tif = MHC back of pictures says developed by the Miller Studio Apr 3, 1952, Pierre, SD Fairchild C119 being loaded with hay to take to cattle stranded in blizzard. See deep snow plowed from apron. Location in Pierre. Scotland.tif = MHC Postcard sent to residents near Scotland, SD announcing upcoming airshow. Marion got his first airplane ride in the Ford Trimotor. Havelaar.tif = MHC Marion’s B-17 crew taken at Kearney,NE. Took boat to England. Took two weeks and landed at Liverpool. Went to a pool of troops and waited to be assigned to a base that had a loss and needed crews. Scotland2.tif = MHC Three miles west of Scotland, SD. Inman flying service. Mom is in white dress. Very hot day, 13 Aug, 1937. Only plane was the Trimotor. Marion was 14 years old. His first airplane ride. See postcard back for write up. Waco3.tif = MHC Waco UBF (F2) serial # 13419 Owned by Bob St. Jacques of Auburn, Maine. He was hopping passengers at a stubble field next to Hudson, SD in 1939. He was performing at an airshow at Sheldon, IA. Sheldon is just east of Hudson. Waco4.tif = MHC Marion’s QCF Waco 1931. Built as the prototype of the series. It was sold to Continental Engines to develop the R6-70. 165 hp engines. Use in development of 210 hp engines. Havelaar2.tif = MHC Great Falls, MT in an F101 Voodoo as radar operator. Mather.tif = MHC a Mather hot rock 1918 or 1919 Dh4. Bonanza.tif = MHC At Rapid City Regional Airport in 1950’s. F89d.tif = MHC back says” America’s most heavily armed fighter type airplane, the U.S. Air Force’s Northrop Scorpion F-89D all=weather interceptor is shown aloft over southern California. Clusters of 104 lethal 2.75 inch folding fin air-to-air rockets are carried in the elongated wing tip pods. The twin-jet airplane is powered by two Alllison-built J-35 jet engines with afterburners, which propel it at speeds in the 600-mph-class and at altitudes in excess of 45,000 feet. electronic aiming and automatic triggering equipment enables the pilot to direct his rocket fire with pin-point accuracy under all types of weather conditions. Please credit: “Official U.S. Air Force photo” The ones at Ellsworth were modified. They were the D model and had nuclear weapons on board. Carried the “Genie” MB1- It was an air-to-air nuclear rocket. Unguided rocket. Designed to destroy enemy aircraft one airplane at a time. Rcflyin.tif = MHC a Maurice Hayden photo of fly-in at Halley Field in 1950;s. Significant number Aircoupes. sioux.tif = MHC Planes flown to dedication of Joe Foss Field. Navy P2V from Minneapolis NAS. Foss was a Marine pilot so Navy turned out in force for dedication. Nike.tif = MHC back of picture says office of information services, Vincent Air Force Base Arizona Ground to air rocket to intercept airplanes. Nike sites were positioned around Ellsworth. Beaver2.tif = MHC L20 used by SD Army National Guard. At Halley Airport. Nicholas.tif = MHC Maurice Hayden flying his Nicholas Beasley at Halley Field. Nicholas2.tif = MHC Maurice Hayden flying his Nicholas Beasley at Halley Field. N204H.tif = MHC Early Fairchild near Irene, SD. Got away from pilot as being hand propped and went into a haystack. Stars.tif=MHC Great Lakes Trainer flown by Harrold Krier. Performed at Rapid City. Eaglerock.tif = MHC Floyd Hesler flying his Eaglerock out of museum up on HWY 16. Plane was stored up there during winter at museum. P2V.tif = MHC back of picture: The P2V “Neptune” patrol bomber with twin engines. Used primarily for bombing runs (long range) also for radar picket. This is the type of plane that flew non-stop from Melbourne, Australia to Columbus, Ohio. Used at NAS, Minneapolis for training purposes. Was used as a slurry bomber out of Rapid City, SD during fire season. T38.tif = MHC back of picture: Supersonic classroom-- Streaking over the vast expanse of Mojave Desert is this new Northrop-built T-38 Talon supersonic trainer soon to become operational with the Air training Command. the trim, two-place jet has an overall length of 44 feet, a wing span of 25 feet, three inches and a height of 12 feet, 10 inches. The Talon’s superb performance matches speed and altitude capabilities found the the century Series fighter class. It has a maximum gross weight of 11,500 pounds and range of more than 1,000 nautical miles. From: Public Relations,NORTHROP Hawthorne, Calif. T-38 was used at EAFB by B-52 copilots to stay current during 70’s and 80’s. Camera.tif = HMC F5 was a photo reconnaissance plane. Same basic design as the P-38. B36.tif = MHC Based at Ellsworth in the 50’s. Had 6 prop engines, 4 jet engines. Thunder.tif = MHC back of picture : Luke Air Force Base, Arizona.... Pulling up into a loop with their red, white and blue F-84F “Thunderstreak” jet fighters is the official United States Air force demonstration tea, the THUNDERBIRDS. In the lead is Captain Jacksel M. Broughton, of Rochester, New York. flying the wing positions are Captain W. L. Creech, of Emmetsburg, Iowa, left wing and 1st Lt. B. J. Ellis of DeQuincy, Louisiana, right wing. The pilot in the rear, the slot position, is Captain E.D. Palmgren, of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The aircraft used at the dedication of Joe Foss Field in Sioux Falls. Sponsor was 29th Air Division and Ellsworth coordinated event. U143.tif = MHC F86D Stationed at EAFB 1957. All weather interceptor. Electra.tif = MHC Lockheed Electra. Same type as plane Earhart was lost in. T37.tif = MHC back of picture: T-37 Twin-jet Cessna Trainer is undergoing evaluation in Project Palm, at James Connally AFB, Texas for possible use as an Air force primary trainer. If accepted the T-37 would become the first jet trainer to be used in primary flight training. The T-37 is 29 feet long, has a wing span of 33 feet, weights 6,400 pounds and can fly at an approximate top speed of 330 mph. Transient at EAFB. Kc135.tif = MHC Based RAP for air refueling of B-52 fleet. F89.tif = MHC back of picture: One of the latest additions to the Air defense command’s striking force is the F-89 Scorpion. Another of the new type, “automatic” fighter-interceptors, the Scorpion is capble of hitting a traget without the pilot seeing it. (Official USAF Photograph) Public InfomrationOffide HQS, Central Air Defense Force, PO Box 528, Kansas City, Mo. F89C developed into the model capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Was at EAFB. 12936.tif = MHC F86 dayfighter. Tangled with MIGs over Korea. Were at EAFB in 50’s. C124.tif = MHC back of picture: Designed to carry a majority of the heavy equipment and weapons now being used by the United States Armed Forces today is this C-124 Globemaster. The four-engined giant will be on display at Travis Air Force Base on Armed Forces Day, May 15. Three squadrons of the 1501st Air transport Group of MATS at Travis are now operating the Globemasters on the Pacific airlift. they are the 77th, 84th, and 85th Air transport squadrons, Earlier this year, a C-124 assigned to the 85th established a MATS-wide record when it flew a total of 235 flying hours for a 31-day period. the Douglas-built plane boasts a wing span of 172 feet with a tail section five stories high. the sky-giant is capable of carrying a 50,000 pound load over 2,400 miles. Fuel tanks on the plane will hold 11,000 gallons of gasoline. Visitors to Travis on armed Forces Day will view, first hand, the largest transport flying regular scheduled missions for the Air Force. (Department of Defenses AF-MATS PHOTO) Used at EAFB to haul freight. Primary job was to move weapons and engines with scheduled runs every two days. B24.tif = MHC B-24 not stationed at EAFB. McGovern flew this type of plane in WWII. Dh4B.tif = MHC Used for airmail rates through South Dakota. Wright.tif = MHC Wright model B? B-47.tif = MHC B-47 through EAFB. One crashed on the north end of the runway and lost the entire crew. Pilot, copilot, navigator. B29.tif = MHC B-29 with bomb bay doors open. Stationed at EAFB in 1946 and 1947. B292.tif = MHC Bomb bay doors closed on a B-29. B36prop.tif = MHC Early B-36 before jet engines we retrofitted. Had a single tire wheel main gear. B50.tif = MHC A B-50 had bigger engines and tail than a B-29. Deadwood.tif = MHC Deadwood Pioneer times story from june 20, 1989. Ice.tif = MHC Clyde Ice and his Ford Trimotor. Ice2.tif = MHC Clyde Ice and his Standard at Miller, SD Ice3.tif = MHC Clyde Ice’s aircraft - 2 Jenny and 1 standard of Clyde Ice’s at Miller. Ice4.tif MHC Clyde Ice and Standard Ice5,tif = MHC Ford Trimotor of Clyde Ice’s and Ford Model A Ice6.tif = MHC Clyde Ice and sons. Cecil, Charles, Howard and Randall. Ice7.tif = MHC Clyde Ice and various dignitaries ?Norbeck Gemar.tif = MHC Charles Gemar, first astronaut from South Dakota part of the Space Shuttle program. F86d.tif = MHC All weather radar interceptors over the Black Hills F86d2.tif = MHC Over the Black Hills F86d3.tif + MHC Over the Black Hills from EAFB Wacovern.tif = MHC Marion’s Waco and Vern at RAP Wacorapid.tif + MHC Marion’s Waco in 1958 over Rapid City Davis.tif = MHC On back of picture. This is old 666N and pilot Arthur J. Davis. date today 6-25-77. Pilots lic no. 372, miltary no 132409. A& E 599 Fai No8-16-66 Wright Flown in Florida doing skywriting. B36pride.tif = MHC B-36 in front of hangar at EAFB. Hayden.tif = MHC - Maurice Hayden and his Nicholas Beasley at Halley Field Monocoupe.tif MHC Model 90A 115 AL owned by marion at Rapid City Amelia.tif = MHC Amelia Earhart and Lockheed Electra Douglas.tif = MHC Douglas observation plane with a gun turret. N54.tif = MHC Beechcraft C45 used for utility work, navigator training. Used during the war and after the war for quite a while. Usually located at base flight. N23.tif = MHC P-38 transient at Ellsworth. Hayden2.tif = MHC Maurice Hayden and his Nicholas Beasley at Halley Field. Had a British engine, ran backwards compared to a US engine. Sidley Genet engine P47.tif = MHC Republic P- 47 Possibly stationed at Pierre. Tanker.tif = MHC Kc97 air refueling airplane stationed at EAFB before the use of Kc135. P51.tif = MHC North American P-51D stationed at EAFB right after the war. Also used by the SD Air National Guard. F86.tif = MHC on back of picture:WORLD SPEED RECORD BY AIR FORCE PLANE. This in-flight photograph shows Maj. Richard L Johnson , U.S. Air force test pilot, flying the North American F-86 a few hundred feet above the dry lake bed at Muroc AFB, California. During the four speed runs over the three kilometer course (1.86 miles) during which he established an average of 670.981 mph. The record smashing flight was made between 8:2 AM Pacific daylight me, Wednesday, Sept. 15, 1948. Not stationed in South Dakota. B52.tif = MHC possibly at EAFB P40.tif = MHC Curtiss P-40 N model. Not in SD Rb36.tif = MHC on back of picture: The Convair RB-36D, the jet-augmented version of the U.S. air Force's intercontinental strategic bomber. Four General electric J-47 jet engines, mounted in pairs under outer wing edges, supplement six Pratt & Whitney piston engines. please credit: "Official US Air force photo" Stationed at EAFB in the 1950’s N30.tif = MHC A P-47 Mustang.tif = MHC on back of picture: P-51 Mustang fighter, built for the US and allied forces by North American Aviation, was the first American built fighter over Berlin in World War II. First termed the P-51, the plane was designed as a medium-altitude fighter. It also excelled at strafing, long-range escort and photo-reconnaissance duties. During the Korean war P51s were brought out of mothballs to provide air support for U.N. troops. Boxcar.tif = MHC C110 used in South Dakota U3.tif = MHC military version of the Cessna 310 mostly an Army airplane. Funk.tif = MHC Funk at Rapid City Regional Airport Beech.tif = MHC Beech model 18 civilian model of a C45 Marine.tif = MHC An AD used in Vietnam Air force had them as well. Could carry a tremendous load N994.tif = MHC Fokker D27 Built under license by Fairchild in US. Used as airliner and freight. B472.tif= MHC B47 stratojet by Boeing active used by SAC before B-52s. One crashed at EAFB with crew killed. Poor planning for takeoff, ran out of runway. Runway poorly marked, took off up hill, too heavy. Helihalley3.tif = MHC Hiller H23 at Halley airport taken by Marion. B17.tif = MHC Aluminum Overcast before it was donated to EAA L19.tif = MHC SD National Guard L19 at Halley Field Voodoo.tif = MHC McDonnell F101 were based at Great Falls, MT Biplane.tif = MHC PT-17, Boeing, not a Stearman at Hudson, SD. Owned by Elmer Nielson used a stuble field. This was taken in the 1940’s. Used by Elmer and Marion to fly over Pickstown to see dam construction. Wamblee.tif = MHC Eventually Clyde Ice moved the Ford Trimotor to the Belle Fourche airport and repainted it to advertise Belle Fourche. Wacoad.tif = MHC Wacoad2.tif = MHC Wacoad3.tif = MHC Wacoad4.tif = MHC Wacoad5.tif = MHC Wcoad6.tif = MHC Feb 1932 Aero Digest Spirit2.tif = MHC 1977 50th anniversary flight of EAA’s Spirit of St. Louis replica. picture by state photographer Spirit3.tif = MHC 1977 50th anniversary flight of EAA’s Spirit of St. Louis replica. picture by state photographer Devil.tif = MHC T-38’s going by Devil’s Tower. Camera provided by Havelaar. Rushmore.tif = MHC T38’s going by Mt. Rushmore in the 1970’s camera provided by Havelaar. Scotland3.tif = MHC reverse of postcard of Inman Brothers Flying Circus Brought a Ford to South Dakota, not the Boeing Clipper. They also had a Travelaire waco5.tif = MHC Model UBC NC13419 built in 1932. Pilot Bob St. Jacque Jr of Auburn Maine. Hopping passengers at Hudson. two people in front cockpit. Were performing at an airshow at Sheldon, IA. Jesse Bristol of Ft. Worth TX also flew a Boeing F4B4 over Canton and Hudson, but did not land. This all happened about 1939. Waco6.tif = MHC Model UBC NC13419 built in 1932. Pilot Bob St. Jacque Jr of Auburn Maine. This is same plane as above, but picture taken in Florida. Cover.tif = MHC Foss1.tif = MHC Foss2.tif = MHC Foss3.tif = MHC Foss4.tif = MHC Deadwood2.tif = MHC Deadwood3.tif = MHC Deadwood4.tif = MHC