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Fremont Nelson--Lake Preston (S.D.)--Glass Plates

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2014-081

Content Description

The collection consists of 92 glass plate negatives taken at Lake Preston (S.D.) and the surrounding area ca. 1900s-1910s. The images cover a wide range of historic topics. A number of glass plates also provide bird’s-eye views of Lake Preston. Some of those topics include schools, churches, telephone operators, fire departments, residential homes, interior home views, threshing crews, steam tractors, family scenes, horse drawn wagons, a green house, barred rocks chickens, piano playing and tornado damage. Other South Dakota towns include Willow Lake, Fort Pierre and Dell Rapids. Identified non-South Dakota locations include Kendall County Illinois, Minneapolis and Norway. There is also an image of the steamboat Corwin H. Spencer. The donor and his mother were able to identify a number of images with additional assistance from various Lake Preston residents. The notes on each plate were added to their individual glass plate folder. Scans of the glass plates were made and provided to the donor on a DVD.

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  • ca. 1900s-1910s


0.75 Cubic Feet

4.10 Gigabytes


001 Lake Preston Public School, facing east 002 Lake Preston grade and high school 003 Lake Preston phone operator: Mrs. Dow Patte (Henry Long’s daughter) one of first phone operators in Lake Preston or Alice (Peterson) Hedberg or Ruth Dahl or Ada Cruse 004 Interior of school with children, Mrs. Hart (teacher) 005 School house and children near Lake Preston 006 Lake Preston Fire Department, in front of City Hall 007 Lake Preston Milling Co--L.P. Light House--9/18/1911 008 Lake Preston UCC Church under construction 009 Lake Preston Church Interior altar 010 Lake Preston Church Exterior 011 Lake Preston from top of Lunde Elevator 012 View of Lake Preston from Elevator 013 Lake Preston from Fremont Nelson’s front yard facing S.E., Pop Factory, 2 wood elevators 014 Lake Preston Houses (all have barns), Geese out front in grass 015 Lake Preston Isiah and Mary (daughter of Olson the baker), Facing S.E. w/no other houses in sight Would be across from water tower to the E. 016 Isaiah Nelson’s home facing N.E. Lake in distance 017 Isaiah Nelson’s house before any house around it and no school bldg. 018 Harvest/Threshing 019 Harvest/ Threshing 020 Large tractor plowing 021 Large tractor plowing 022 Tractor with hood 023 Nelson Bro. in Ill, Tractor with fringe umbrella 024 Tractor exhaust 025 Tractor exhaust 026 Harvest 027 Windrowing 028 Windrowing with horses 029 Hunting 030 River Bridge in Ill. (Kendall Co.) 031 River Bridge in Ill. (Kendall Co) 032 Home by river 033 Wood Bridge 034 Fremont House Lake Preston 035 Fremont House Lake Preston 036 Achasa & Lester (Kids) on family dock, Fremont and Janette Nelson children (Fort Pierre, S.D.) 037 Fremont’s House Achasa & Lester in buggy 038 4 little girls--Nelson 039 Looks like a Nelson Bro. ? Fremont 040 Young man smoking a pipe--playing cards 041 Nelson’s 042 Photo on wall look Nelson 043 L to R, Mary Nelson (Isaiah’s first wife), Achasa Belle Nelson (Fremont’s dtr.), Isaiah Nelson Mr/Mrs. Lizzy Nelson & John Lawson, Seated Almira Colburn 044 ? Nelson’s, Taken from Fremont’s yard 045 Group of Ladies one child 046 Nelson Home (Kendall Co.) Ill. 047 ? Nelson at Fremont house 048 Fremont in green house 049 Nelson’s on Fremont’s front porch 050 ?Nelson--4 ladies one long bearded man 051 ? Nelson--Kendall Co. Ill. 052 ? Nelson in Ill. House--buggy 053 ? Nelson in Ill. 054 Woman seated front yard ? Fremont’s mother 055 ?Nelson Fremont’s home in Ill. 056 Two ladies in rocking chairs 057 Two ladies in rocking chairs 058 Two women one has fur stole sailor style hat 059 Fremont stuffed owl and duck from homestead Hetland SD, 1903 pillow 060 Front of Fremont’s house Beck & Achasa Beck, In buggy Annabelle Nelson, Standing--John Lawson, Lester Nelson, Seated--Grandma Nelson, Isaiah & Mary Nelson, Ground--Chester & Glen Lawson 061 Possible Margaret 062 Nebel’s Barred Rock, Chickens 063 Owned by L. Nebel, chickens 064 Melvin & Margaret, Geometric wall paper, ?Fremont living room 065 ?Margaret in Achasa living room 066 Margaret feeding chickens 067 Margret, Howard 068 Margret & Clarence in Rocket wagon 069 Margaret & Clarence in Rocket wagon 070 Fjord in Norway 071 ? Boat C.H. & Marie took to visit Norway 072 C.H. Beck for Landing Larger Bokken 073 Melvin at middle age 074 Melvin at middle age 075 Marie Beck at piano, Clarence with violin 076 Margaret at piano, Clarence 077 ? Marie ?Clarence, fainting couch 078 Margaret Beck, dtr. Christina & Marie Beck 079 Margaret Beck 080 C.H. & Marie (Nordhagen) Home 081 ? Melvin playing cards 082 Margaret Beck in chicken yard 083 Margaret Beck in chicken yard 084 Three brick buildings Minneapolis. 085 Tornado damage, Willow Lake 086 Tornado damage Where?? 087 Tornado damage, elevator “Chase,” Willow Lake 088 Tornado damage, Willow Lake 089 Central Dakota flour milling ?Where 090 Dell Rapids, Granite City Bank, Eastern Dakota Land & Ln Bldg. has “times office in basement Wood building next door, restaurant, dry cleaners, city market 091 Tornado ??? 092 Christian H. & Marie Beck Home, 304 Lake Ave N. Baby Clarence Beck, Girl in dress, Clara Margaret Josephine Beck (Additions) 093 Julson Lunde/Auto Repair Building--Lake Preston (S.D.) 094 Julson Lunde/Auto Repair Building--Lake Preston (S.D.) 095 Julson Lunde/Auto Repair Building--Lake Preston (S.D.)