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Rodrick Tobin Maps—Digital Media Collections

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Identifier: H2017-002

Content Description

The collection consists of 22 (twenty two) scans of maps owned by Rodrick Tobin. There are 19 total maps, but for three maps the reverse side was scanned. The map collection roughly comprise of pre-Dakota Territory United States maps, Dakota Territory maps and South Dakota maps. They date from the 1820s to 1900s. The original maps were encapsulated in Mylar and returned to the donor. The list of maps scanned is provided.

Restrictions Apply



  • Majority of material found within ca. 1820s-1900s
  • 1828
  • 1885
  • 1902
  • 1860
  • 1833
  • 1883
  • 1874
  • 2017


1610 Megabytes


H2017-002-0001.tif – Tunison’s Southern Dakota H2017-002-0002.tif – Outline Map of Turner County H2017-002-0003.tif – Western Territories of the United States H2017-002-0004.tif – Iowa and Wisconsin H2017-002-0005.tif – Minnesota and Dakota, Nebraska H2017-002-0006.tif – Map of the United States, 1828 H2017-002-0007.tif – Old Winnebago and Sioux Reservations, 1885 H2017-002-0008.tif – South Dakota—Kinkead Land Agency, Huron (S.D.) H2017-002-0009.tif – (back) Beadle County, Kinkead Land Agency H2017-002-0010.tif – Hanson County, 1902 H2017-002-0011.tif – Johnson’s Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado, Idaho & Kansas, 1860 H2017-002-0012.tif – (back) Historical and Statistical View of the United States in 1860 H2017-002-0013.tif – Johnson’s Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado, Montana & Kansas H2017-002-0014.tif – Johnson’s Minnesota and Dakota H2017-002-0015.tif – Map of the United States, 1833 H2017-002-0016.tif – Johnson’s Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado & Kansas (pg 55) H2017-002-0017.tif – Johnson’s Nebraska and Kansas H2017-002-0018.tif – Lithograph drawing of Aberdeen (D.T.), 1883 H2017-002-0019.tif – Ludlow’s Map of the Black Hills, 1874 H2017-002-0020.tif – Map of the Western United States and the years of its Territories H2017-002-0021.tif – (back) State Secession and battles during the Civil War, 1861-1865 H2017-002-0022.tif – Johnson’s Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado & Kansas (pg 51)