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Badger Clark Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2016-104

Content Description

The collection consists of items relating to the life of former South Dakota poet laureate Badger Clark, his poetry and his family. The collection contains a number of different types of materials from photographs, scrapbooks and correspondence to news clippings and poetry. A number of items also highlight Badger’s father, Reverend Charles B. Clark. Badger Clark was born January 1, 1883 in Albia (IA) to the Reverend Charles B. and Mary (Cleaver) Clark. The Clark’s had four children: Hal, Fred, Harriet and Charles (Badger). They moved to Dakota Territory in 1883. The family and Reverend Clark, a Methodist minister, served several communities in South Dakota, mainly in Mitchell, Deadwood and Hot Springs. Badger attended Dakota Wesleyan University for only a year, before heading to Cuba for two years. He later moved to Arizona, for health reasons, when his writing career commenced. In 1925 he returned to South Dakota, living in Badger Hole at Custer State Park. Governor Leslie Jensen appointed Clark as poet laureate of South Dakota in 1937. Badger Clark died in Rapid City on September 26, 1957 at age 74.

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  • ca. 1880s-1950s



1.75 unknown


6562A Folder 1: Poems found in Badger Hole after Clark’s death Folder 2: Miscellaneous Poems Folder 3: Badger Clark Commemoration, 1983 Folder 4: “Sky Lines and Wood Smoke,” 1947 (four copies) Folder 5: “Pageant of Dakota Lands,” play at Yankton 1936 Folder 6: Booklet: “Cornbelt Exposition Souvenir” Mitchell (S.D.), 1893 Folder 7: Booklet: “Neely’s Panoramic of Cuba,” 1898 Folder 8: Reverend Charles B. Clark, miscellaneous Folder 9: Dakota Mission Methodist Conference journal, 1882-1892 Folder 10: Fred Clark scrapbooks 6562B Folder 1: Badger Clark, miscellaneous letters Folder 2: Reverend Charles and Mary Clark, miscellaneous items Folder 3: Mitchell Daily Republic, August 13, 1901 (two separate issues) Folder 4: Badger Clark, miscellaneous news clippings, memberships, correspondence Folder 5: Badger Clark, miscellaneous items, history, correspondence Folder 6: Scrapbook (news clippings)—Rev Clark and second wife Anna (Morris) Clark 6563A Folder 1: Badger Clark correspondence Folder 2: Badger Clark correspondence Folder 3: Badger Clark correspondence Folder 4: Badger Clark correspondence Folder 5: Badger Clark, miscellaneous printed publications. 6563B Folder 1: Badger Clark—photos and news clippings Folder 2: Photographs: Badger Clark, Badger Hole, Hot Springs, State Soldiers Home (Hot Springs, S.D.), Calvin Coolidge in South Dakota, 1927. Folder 3: Photographs: Badger Clark, Badger Hole, Reverend C. B. Clark and Anna Morris Clark, Fred Clark, Mitchell (S.D.)—parade for Fred Clark winning intercollegiate oratorical contest, 1890 Folder 4: Photographs: Reverend Charles B. Clark Folder 5: Photographs: Deadwood (S.D.), First South Dakota Volunteer Infantry returning from Philippines, 1900 / Harney Hotel (Rapid City, S.D.) interior view 1897/ Reverend C.B. Clark with group of pastors taken in Mitchell in 1891 / Group of women1898, Newcombe Photo Studio (Huron, S.D.)/ Miscellaneous unidentified photos Folder 6: Photographs: Badger Clark taken while in Cuba, Anna Morris Clark, miscellaneous Folder 7: Scrapbook: Greeting Cards/ Christmas Cards/ South Dakota Postcards 6563C Folder 1: Sid Glanzer (Huron, S.D.), 22 negatives of Badger Clark at Badger Hole, June 1950 Folder 2: Sid Glanzer (Huron, S.D.), 22 photographs of Badger Clark at Badger Hole, June 1950 Folder 3: Sid Glanzer (Huron, S.D.), miscellaneous on Badger Clark FB 427 Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version, 1953—Badger Clark Library New Testament and Psalms, book, inscribed to “Fredd H. Clark” Diary of 1877, C. B. Clark, Newton (IA), New Testament, pocket bible, 1855/Charles B. Clark Mt. Pleasant (IA) from his sister Hattie Clark Rev. C. B. Clark, Deadwood, address book Badger Clark, Hot Springs, address book Fred Clark, South Dakota Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest medal, Yankton, May 30, 1890 FB 654 Group of seventeen men, presumably clergy, taken at Lead (S.D.) in 1901, Rev. C.B. Clark. Dedication at the Evergreen Cemetery (Hot Springs, S.D.) 1913, Rev. C. B. Clark, Stevens Photo--Photo Studio (Hot Springs, S.D.) Badger Clark portrait photo, 11x14 Picture Magazine, Minneapolis Sunday Tribune December 3, 1950--Story on Badger Clark, images by Sid Glanzer (Huron, S.D.)