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Timothy Nowak Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2017-060

Content Description

The collection consists of items, mostly consisting of 35mm color slides, pertaining to various archaeological sites in South Dakota, mainly concerning Fort Randall. But a number of other sites, villages and cemeteries are also included. The items were compiled by Timothy Nowak, an archeologist with the Corps of Engineers. A collection description is provided below. The collection is an accretion to H2010-094, a previous donation of Timothy Nowak items.

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  • ca. 1980s


3.0 Cubic Feet


6595A – 35mm Slides Fort Randall (1 folder): artifacts, historic photos, maps, archaeological digs and aerial views. Fort Randall Archaeological Project –1987 (2 folders): archaeologists, excavations, artifacts and volunteers Miscellaneous Archaeological Sites/Surveys (1 folder): Mitchell Site, Bandolier National Monument (Los Alamos, NM), South Lang Survey, Fog Creek Survey, Fencing at Fort Pierre, Black Hills Mines, Black Hills Badlands, Crow Creek, Geographical Slides, Fort Pierre II, Fort Pierre-Chouteau Duplicates 6595B – 35mm Slides Cultural Resources Historic Slides (4 folders): Gordon Stockade, Fort Clark, Fort Manual Lisa, Fort Berthold, Leavenworth Monument/Village/Site, Fort Pierre Chouteau, Fort Pierre I & II, Steamboat period, Steamboat Bertrand Excavations (Virginia City, MT), Sioux Indian Early Reservation, photographs, excavations, locations and historical individuals. Cultural Resources, Crow Creek Archaeological Sites (3 folders): Crow Creek sites, Stricker Village, Lake Lewis and Clark Survey, Lake Sharpe, Oacoma Village, Blue Blanket Recreation Area, Johnston Village, Moreau Village, Sully Village, St. Philips Cemetery, Lake Oahe—Old Cemetery Remains, St. John’s Episcopal Cemetery, Corpus Christ, Catholic Cemetery, LeCompte Catholic Cemetery, Red Horse Hawk (39CO34) and Moreau Village (39DW1). Oahe Archaeological Project, 1984-1985 (1 folder): Archaeological sites and excavations. 6596A – 35mm Slides Fort Randall Archaeological Project (1 folder): History of Fort Randall with accompanying transcript. Fort Randall Slide (1 folder): maps, historic photos, site photos, archaeological projects, cemetery, chapel and officer’s quarters Fort Randall binder (2 folders): captains quarters, southwest barracks, bakery, store, flag pole, hospital, laboratory and artifacts. Archaeology at Lake Francis Case and Scisson Cemetery 6596B – 35mm Slides Archaeological Sites (1 folder): Corpus Christ Cemetery, Re-burial Indian Creek, Blood Run, Fort Randall, Fort Lookout Howe Site, Medicine Creek Petroglyphs, Mississipian Paleoindian Dating, Winona/Wabasha, Poverty Point, Geological Maps, Lake Francis Case and Oahe Project Middle Missouri Sites binder (1 folder): Mitchell Site, Smiley-Evans Site, Antelope Creek, Huston Ranch Site, Iron Nation Archaeological Site, Jake White Bull Site, St. Thomas Cemetery near Jake White Bull site, Helb Site, Thomas Riggs Site, Jones Village, Vanderbilt Village, Havens Site, Badger Ferry Site and Goehring Site Archaeological Sites (1 folder): Central Plains, Medicine Creek, Pachtuwa-chta Arikara site, Middle Missouri Village, Slant Village, Arzberger Village, Sully Village, Antelope Creek, Molstad Village, Moreau Village, Norvold, Meyer site, McClure Site and Mobridge Village Archaeological Artifacts (1 folder): Lithic Artifacts, Ceramic Artifacts, Bone/Shell Artifacts and Substinence Historic Photographs (1 folder): Oahe Chapel, Fort Pierre, Pierre Flood 1952, Pierre 6652B Storm clouds at Lake Andes (S.D) 1987, Aerial views of the Fort Randall site April 18, 1985, Fort Pierre schematics and photographs, research materials on Parmenus T. Turnley, negatives of Fort Randall maps, Fort Randall building elevations/schematics and Fort Randall topographical maps. MD 326 Fort Randall: Maps and images / Fort Pierre: Maps and images