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Zion Lutheran Church, Eureka (S.D.)

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H94-011

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The collection consists of indexes to confirmation, baptism, marriage, death, and membership records from Zion Lutheran Church in Eureka (S.D.) from 1884-1954, and 1994. The indexes were created from the microfilm of the original records. The microfilm is part of accession H77-053. Also within the collection is a series of three newsletters created by the donor in 1993-1994. The newsletters focus on genealogical and historical information on Hoffnungstal, a town in Russia in which members of the church came from in the 1880s. The indexes include records from several congregations that eventually merged with Zion Lutheran. These include Hoffnungstal, named for the Russian town the founders came from, and Dreieinigkeit. The confirmation index is arranged in alphabetical order by surname of those confirmed. Also included are the father’s name, birth date, birth place, confirmation date, and baptismal date of those confirmed. The baptism index has two versions, one sorted by the mother's last name and one sorted by the father's last name, and contains both birth and baptism dates. The marriage records also have two versions, sorted by bride's last name and groom's last name, and includes the residence and birth dates of the couple as well as the marriage dates. The death records are listed alphabetically by last name and occasionally includes birth location. The only membership list is an 1895 list from the Dreieinigkeit church. Family members are listed and birth dates are included, but the families aren't in any discernible order. The indexes are housed in box 2323A. A 3 1/2 inch floppy disk was found at a later date in box 2323A. It contains the digital copies of the original indexes and a note from the creator. This shows that the printed copies of the indexes are partial, whereas the digital copies contain more information. They were in .XLS and .DOC format, but have been processed according with the Archives' Digital Preservation Rules and were added to the Archives' Digital Collections.

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From donor: "None - unless imposed by Eureka Lutheran Church (to be passed among researchers w/out profit) "


  • 1993 - 1994
  • Event: 1888 - 1954



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