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American Legion Auxiliary—Rockham (S.D.)

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2010-107

Content Description

The collection consists of various records of the American Legion Auxiliary—Rockham (S.D.) Unit dating from 1935 to 2009. The majority of the collection is minutes and member lists of the Rockham Auxiliary. Other items in the collection include: by-laws, cemetery lists, membership applications, list of officers, cash receipts/disbursements, brochures/pamphlets, and Unit handbooks. A box and folder list is included.

Acquisition Type


Restrictions Apply



  • 1935-2009



1.25 Cubic Feet


5616A Folder 1: Bylaws Folder 2: Cemetery Lists Folder 3: Citations and Honors Earned Folder 4: Membership Sheets Folder 5: Membership Applications Folder 6: List of Officers, 1970-1995 Folder 7: American Legion Auxiliary, Official Proceedings: 1941, 1942, 1987, 1990, and 1991 Folder 8: Unit Handbooks: 1940, 1942, and 1943 Folder 9: Unit Handbook, 1957 Folder 10: Manual of Ceremonies, 1958 & 2000 Folder 11: Committee Notes Folder 12: Miscellaneous Correspondence Folder 13: Booklets/ Brochures “Digest of the Service Record of the American Legion Auxiliary, 1920-1953” “Poppy Booklet of the American Legion Auxiliary, 1947” ”First Annual, South Dakota Girls State, 1947” “American Legion Auxiliary, Dept of South Dakota, Officers, 1941-1942” “Our Offensives, Continue Patrolling, American Legion Auxiliary” “United States Treasury, 2nd War Loan, 1943” “Scrap Quiz, Salvage Division, War Production Board” “How to Respect and Display Our Flag” “Our Flag” “War Wartime Price Control Means You, 1942” “Women in Civil Defense, 1952” 5616B Ledger 1: Minutes and Members Lists: 1935-1954 Folder 1: Minutes and Members Lists: 1955-1965 Ledger 2: Minutes and Members Lists: 1965-1976 Folder 2: Minutes and Members Lists: 1972-1987 Folder 3: Minutes and Members Lists: 1988-1999 5616C Ledger 1: Minutes and Members Lists: 2000-2002 Folder 1: Minutes and Members Lists: 2003-2009 Folder 2: Cash Receipts/Disbursements: 1935-1958 Folder 3: Cash Receipts/Disbursements: 1959-1968