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Major A.B. Welch Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2007-008

Content Description

The collection consists of one CD of transcribed writings of A.B. Welch, who lived in and around the Mandan (N.D.) from 1900 to 1945. Welch’s diaries are being transcribed by Bob Cox, great nephew of A. B. Welch, and creator of the donated CD. The writings give accounts of several Native Americans. The four hundred pages of writings include biographical information, news clippings, letters, and images. Several of the writings are of oral history interviews Welch had with some of the listed Native Americans. A copy of the index will be placed with the Accession Folder. The transcribed materials are in Microsoft Publisher format. During processing, the digital files were migrated from the disk to the SDSA's digital collections, and preservation masters were made. The collection includes an index of the Native Americans who were featured in the project.

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  • Event: 1900-1945
  • 2006



1 cds

508 Megabytes

0.1 Cubic Feet


Aagard, Louis (born 1864) Afraid of His Plumes (born 1833, died 1924) American Horse (died 1875) Arrow Walking Bad Gun (died 1907) Baine, John Bead Uses His Arrow Bears Arm (born 1865, died 1936) Bears Heart (born 1859) Bears Belly Bear in the Water (Adelaide Stevenson) Bear Robe (Eli Perkins) Bears Rib Belly Fat Big Eagle (born 1827) Big Foot (died 1890) Big Head (died 1921) Big Mouth Birds Bill Bird Lying Down Black Eagle Black Hawk Bloody Knife (born 1837, died 1876) Blue Bank Blue Earth (died 1921) Bob Tail Goose Brave Bear (died 1882) Brown Eyes and Good Voice Eagle Brown Face Brugier, Eugene (born 1856) Bull Bear Bulls Eye (died 1928) Bull Head or Afraid of Bear (died 1890) Buffalo Boy Charging Thunder Chase Flying or Chasing Fly (born 1848, died 1928) Circling Bear (died 1914 or 1915) Circling Hawk (born 1840, died 1922) Cloud Bear (born 1869) Cadotte Family Coffee Cold Hand Cottonwood Crawler (born 1830) Crawler, Mrs. Crazy Horse (died 1877) Crow Crow Dog Crow Flies High Crow Ghost (born 1851, died 1927) Crow Ghost, Mrs. (born 1853) Crows Heart Crow King Curly Drags Wolf Eagle Staff Eastman, Charles (born 1858) Eastman, John Elk (born 1857, died 1937) Enemy Heart Fine Weather Fire Heart (born 1850) Flying By Follows the Road Fool Bear Foolish Bear (born 1854) Foolish Wolf & Strikes Many Woman (his wife) Four Bears (died 1838/39) Four Horns (died 1850) Four Rings (born about 1856, died 1926) Frosted, Thomas/White Bear (born 1856, died 1932) Gall (born 1840, died 1896) Good Dog Goose Grass, Albert, soldiers serving with him in France WWI (died 1918) Gray Bear Gray Hawk and Kill Crow Grey Eagle Grey Foot Grey Track (died 1926) Grey Whirlwind Hairy Chin Hawk Man (died 1890) High Reach (born 1872) His Road Hollow Horn Bear (born 1850, died 19120 Holy Bear Holy Hawk Walking Holy Horse (born about 1846) Horns Appearing (born 1868) Hump Ice Bear Ireland Iron Roads (born 1872) Iron Roads, Mrs. (born 1873) Iron Roads “1911” Iron White Man Jordan, Joseph (died 1918) Kick the Bear/Kicking Bear Kidney Kill Crow Kills in the Water Kills Pretty Enemy Lean Warrior Little Brave Little Crow & Holy Hawk Walking Little Crow Woman Little Sioux Lone Bear Upon the Prairie Long Bull Long Dog Looking Looks Walking Low Dog Medicine Stone No Two Horns One Bull One Horn Otter Robe Owns Spotted Packineau, Joe Parkin, Mrs. Alma Plenty Coups Rain in the Face Red Bear, the Arikara Red Bear, the Hunkpapa Red Bow Red Cloud Red Cow Red Fish Red Tomahawk Rogers, Tom Running Antelope Running Wolf Sand Hill Crane Scabby Head Scarlet Leg Scarlet Point Scattering Bear See Walker Shave Head Shoot Holy and His Road Shoots First Shoots Well Short Bull Sitting Bear Sitting Crow Soldier Spotted Tail Standing Buffalo Standing Soldier Star Strikes Two Struck by the Ree Struck by the Ree II Tall Horse Talks with the Spirit Clouds Two Bears Two Bears (the Story of Benny, the son of Two Bears) Two Bulls Two Moons Two Parents Two Stars Two Strikes Uses for Eye Van Solen, Miss Lucille Van Solen, Mrs. Marie Louise Waaneta (see Frosted, Thomas) Waggoner, Josephine Walking Bull, Charles Walking Cloud, Charlie Waters White Bull (See One Bull, his brother) White Cloud White Cow Walking White Crow White Swan Wise Spirit Wolf Lies Down Yellow Fat Young Bear Young Hawk, Joe Young Man Afraid of His Horses Zahn, Bill Zahn, Frances