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South Dakota -- Union County

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 34 Collections and/or Records:

7th and 8th Grade Graduation Records, 1903-1920 (RESTRICTED), 1903 - 1920

 Series — Box 2170
Identifier: ACC 76-039:
Scope and Contents This volume includes the graduation reports for students in various districts in Union County from 1903 through 1920. Information found in this book includes age, address and name of teacher. The final grades for the following subjects are also included: orthography, reading, writing, math, grammar, geography, history and drawing.
Dates: 1903 - 1920

Audit Reports, 1987 - 1989

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: ACC 90-016:
Scope and Contents This series consists of audit reports for state agencies, counties, municipalities, and school districts. Audit reports contain financial statements concerning receipts and expenditures; commentary on recordkeeping practices; and suggestions for improving those procedures.
Dates: 1987 - 1989

Beginning of School Notices, 1908 - 1913

 Series — Box 677 B
Identifier: ACC 76-043:
Scope and Contents This series contains notices to the teachers regarding the beginning of the school year in Union County. Information included on these slips includes teacher’s name, salary, expected number of students and sometimes information on the courses to be taught. Notices are arranged chronologically.
Dates: 1908 - 1913

Circuit Court Jury, Execution and Coroners' Inquests, 1866 - 1925

Identifier: ACC 82-281:
Scope and Contents This series contains records generated by the Circuit Court of Union County and regard a number of far ranging topics. The bulk of records are related to the execution orders for Union County. Execution orders being demands from the district court to the circuit court to ensure the judgments are paid in full by defendants. Special mortgage foreclosure execution records have been separated from the other court ordered repayment records. Coroner Inquest records span the years of 1880-1887 while...
Dates: 1866 - 1925

Civil Case Files (RESTRICTED), 1875 - 1913

Identifier: ACC 98-169:
Scope and Contents This series contains the case files for the civil cases tried in Union County between1875-1913. Case topics include divorce, debt owed, real estate, inheritance and land deed claims. The index for the records is available on the archives server with all boxes entered except Box 2 cases 264-390.
Dates: 1875 - 1913

Corn and Flower Growing Contests, 1911 - 1913

 Series — Box 2170
Identifier: ACC 76-037:
Scope and Contents This series includes essays, participant lists and seed request forms from students who took part in agricultural contests during 1911 and 1913. Boys took part in corn growing contests and girls took part in flower growing contests. Records are arranged chronologically.
Dates: 1911 - 1913

County Histories of South Dakota

 Unprocessed — Box 03582 C
Identifier: H2007-032
Dates: ca. 1950s

County School Superintendent and Board of Education Records, 1880 - 1956

Identifier: ACC 76-047:
Scope and Contents This series contains records generated by the Union County School Superintendent and its County Board of Education. Materials created by the county superintendent include a letterbook containing carbon copies of letters sent to various officials regarding school affairs such as book orders and need for materials as well as a scrapbook that includes announcements for meetings of the Professional Teacher’s Association and Teacher’s Institute between 1902-1927. There are also twenty-six annual...
Dates: 1880 - 1956

Court Records, 1866 - 1940, bulk: 1866 - 1935

Identifier: ACC 82-284:
Scope and Contents This series contains records created or utilized by the Union County Circuit Courts and includes a variety of materials. The bulk of the series consists of Justices’ and Judgment Dockets bound in large bound volumes and covering the years 1870 through 1940. There are also three clerk’s record books which include courtroom notes as well as penmanship practice and a separate book which contains the Court Calendar for the year 1888 and the 1907-1918. Court issued marriage certificates for the...
Dates: 1866 - 1940; Majority of material found within 1866 - 1935

District and Township Assessment Books, 1871 - 1883, bulk: 1873 - 1875

Identifier: ACC 76.048:
Scope and Contents This series contains the assessments of districts and townships within Union County during the territorial period. Information that can be found in the nineteen bound assessor’s books includes the number of acres, amount of timber available, types of crops, names of individuals residing in the area, number of horses and other livestock. For townships and more populated areas the coordinates of plots owned by individuals is listed.
Dates: 1871 - 1883; Majority of material found within 1873 - 1875

Drainage Ditch Viewer’s Records, 1886 - 1894

Identifier: ACC 77-025:
Scope and Contents This series contains the records pertaining to the creation of the Klein and Kiplinger Drainage Ditches of Union County. The viewer’s records are contained in bound volumes and include notes and plans for the ditches; a plat of the region has been separated from the volumes.
Dates: 1886 - 1894

“Historical Boe Family Photo Album – Dakota Territory and Early Statehood”

 Unprocessed — Box 03719 D
Identifier: H2009-037
Dates: 2000

Incoming Correspondence, 1893 - 1910, bulk: 1904 - 1910

 Series — Box 248
Identifier: ACC 2015-017
Scope and Contents This series contains correspondence to the Superintendent of Schools in Union County. Many of the records are invitations to parties, graduation announcements and newspaper articles but the majority of the correspondences are from publishing companies advertising their newest text books or requesting payment for books purchased by the county. There are a few correspondences from the late 19th century but the bulk of the letters are from 1904-1910 time period.
Dates: 1893 - 1910; Majority of material found within 1904 - 1910

Land Tax Sales and Correspondence, 1888 - 1891

 Series — Box 2169B
Identifier: ACC 2015-016:
Scope and Contents This series contains records from the Union County Treasurer’s office including certificates of tax sales for property under the jurisdiction of the county, sale returns and correspondence. Topics discussed in the correspondence include properties that span county lines, tax disagreements and requests for new reports.
Dates: 1888 - 1891

Land Transactions and Branding Records, 1867 - 1929

Identifier: ACC 77-023:
Scope and Contents This series contains records concerning land transactions records and licensing of brands within Union County. Loose leaf records regarding land transactions include deeds, cemetery plots, and proceedings of the Board of Trustees for various towns, marriage contracts and tax collection information. These documents are arranged by year. Deeds directly connected to various land acts are filed under the land act in box 731A. Two bound volumes are also found within this series. The first is the...
Dates: 1867 - 1929

Lewis & Adaline Goodroad Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2011-004
Dates: Event: ca. 1870s-1930s

Naturalization Records, 1872 - 1930

 Series — Box 2306 A
Identifier: ACC 82-282:
Scope and Contents This series contains naturalization records filed in Union County between 1872 and the early 1940s. Records include declarations of intention (first papers), petitions for naturalization (second papers), and certificates of naturalization, information found in these documents includes some or all of the following: name of applicant, country of origin, date of birth, and date of immigration. These records have been added to the State Archives Naturalization Index which is available on the...
Dates: 1872 - 1930

Officials’ Bond and Oath Records, 1867-1885, 1950-1975

Identifier: ACC 82-283:
Scope and Contents This series contains records generated by Union County pertaining to public official’s oaths and bonds. Earlier (Territorial Period) records which document the years from 1867 through 1885 are found in a bound volume while later records which document the years 1950-1975 are loose. Most records are for the office of auditor and county clerk but loyalty oaths for positions such as street department employee, telephone department employee and positions of law enforcement are also found within...
Dates: 1867-1885, 1950-1975

Probate Court Record Books (RESTRICTED), 1869 - 1962

Identifier: ACC 82-285:
Scope and Contents This series contains bound records from Union County’s probate court. The bulk of the series are Calendar Indexes for the years 1869-1962 with other records including Wills and Administrative Appointment records. See box list for arrangement.
Dates: 1869 - 1962

Pupil Examinations (RESTRICTED), 1902 - 1903

 Series — Box 2170
Identifier: ACC 76-038:
Scope and Contents This series includes Union County pupil examinations from the 1902-1903 school year. The examinations include the following subjects: physiology, reading, drawing, spelling, geography and history and have the scores recorded on each exam. This is only a sampling of student examinations.
Dates: 1902 - 1903

Rachel Jannette Townsend Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03491 C
Identifier: H2010-026
Dates: 1865 - 1920; Majority of material found within 1865 - 1871

Railroad Appraisal Records, circa 1918-1920

Identifier: ACC 85-022:
Scope and Contents This accession consists of seventy volumes of original appraisal records (circa 1918-1920) for lands adjacent to the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad in various counties throughout South Dakota. Records within each valuation section volume include plat maps of lands adjacent to the railroad right-of-way and the assessed valuations of those properties; geographical and topographical descriptions of the surrounding environment; appraisal questionnaires completed by local residents...
Dates: circa 1918-1920

Retail Druggist Monthly Reports, 1917 - 1924

 Series — Box 2169A
Identifier: ACC 2015-015:
Scope and Contents This series contains the monthly intoxicating liquor reports from druggists within Union county. Reports are arranged chronologically.
Dates: 1917 - 1924

Review and Compliance - Bridges in Spink and Union Counties, 2014 - 2014

 Series — Box 2980
Identifier: ACC 2015-072:
Scope and Contents This series contains the memoranda of agreement, correspondence, photographs, structure drawings, reports, and other documentation for two bridge replacement projects. This material was compiled in 2014 to document the two bridges before they were destroyed. The first bridge is located in Spink County on US Highway 212, 0.3 miles NW of US 281 intersection over Turtle Creek (Structure No. 58-086-251, SHPO #140612006F). The second bridge is located in Union County approximately 10 miles south...
Dates: 2014 - 2014

Review and Compliance - Union Co Bridge, 2010 - 2012

 Series — Box 6526 B
Identifier: ACC 2012-034:
Scope and Contents This series consists of correspondence, black and white photographs, and 35mm negatives submitted by the South Dakota Department of Transportation as mitigation for the destruction of a bridge in Beresford over Brule Creek (Union County).
Dates: 2010 - 2012

School District #13 Meeting Minutes, 1866-1925, 1944-1945

 Series — Volume 422
Identifier: ACC 76-046:
Scope and Contents This bound volume of meeting minutes from Union County’s School District #13 includes notes taken during meetings regarding teacher contracts, officer elections and possible tax levies for school improvements. There are no notes for the years 1926 through 1943.
Dates: 1866-1925, 1944-1945

Student Classification Records (RESTRICTED), 1909 - 1911

 Series — Box 2170
Identifier: ACC 76-036:
Scope and Contents This series contains three years of classification records for students attending all of the schools within Union County. Information that can be found within these documents includes student’s age and grade level as well as “ability level” in the basic subjects of math, writing, US history, and reading and in some cases information about the classroom environment and educational materials available. A small number of the records contain financial or medical information on the teacher.
Dates: 1909 - 1911

Summons and Complaints (RESTRICTED), 1884 - 1884

 Series — Box 4468 B
Identifier: ACC 2016-064:
Scope and Contents This series contains court documents including summons and complaints regarding H.J. Norse and M. Pierce dating from 1884 issued by the Territory of Dakota.
Dates: 1884 - 1884

Superintendent School Visits, 1891 - 1893

 Series — Box 2264 A
Identifier: ACC 76-042
Scope and Contents This series contains record books kept by the Union County Superintendent of Schools. The books contain handwritten notations about each school and might include names of teachers, quality of supplies available to students (ie poor blackboards, broken desks etc.) as well as ideas for improvement to curriculum and student behavior. The books also contain stubs that certify the visit. In 1891 all visits to districts 1-76 are contained in one book for but in subsequent years two books were used in...
Dates: 1891 - 1893

Teachers Institute and Teacher Association Records, 1887 - 1905

 Series — Box 498 B
Identifier: ACC 76-041:
Scope and Contents This series consists of records from the Teachers Institute and the Teacher’s Association of Union County. The Teachers Institute was a series of lectures and classes offered to county teachers and others interested in education and were offered with the goal of helping to prepare them for teaching classes. The Association allowed the county superintendent of schools to interact with the teachers through seminars and meetings. The majority of the series is made up of programs and enrollment...
Dates: 1887 - 1905