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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 42 Collections and/or Records:

Adelaide M. Ward Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2005-078
Dates: ca. 1930s-1980s

Albert Drake Civil War Diaries, 1863-1864

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2015-031
Dates: 1863-1864

Alice Gossage Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 06563 E
Identifier: H2017-030
Dates: Event: 1879-1882

Alvilda (Myre) Sorenson-Smith and Nancy Lee (Sorenson) Buckmaster Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2011-113
Dates: 1920s-1990s

Arlene (Scott) Moore Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 09037 C
Identifier: H2019-041
Dates: ca. 1930s-1940s

Arthur Hargreaves Collection--World War I Diary

 Unprocessed — Box 01088 B
Identifier: H2013-062
Dates: 1918-1919

Brisbine/Washabaugh Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2019-077
Dates: 1887; 1898-1899; 1899-1900; ca. 1920s; 1938; 1939

Byrne/Sherwood Family Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 06560 B
Identifier: H2016-082
Dates: ca. 1880s-1960s; 1916; 1917

Caroline (Bryan) Harper/Hammach and Mellie (Harper) Hughes--Diaries, 1918-1946

 Unprocessed — Box 08584
Identifier: H2007-059
Dates: 1918-1945

Charles Lee Hyde Collection--World War I

 Unprocessed — Box 03756 C
Identifier: H2009-042
Dates: 1917-1918

Clifford and Helen Jorgensen Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2006-131
Dates: ca. 1940s-1990s

Donald and Mary (Horlocker) Jorgensen Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2010-109
Dates: 1901-1991; Majority of material found within ca. 1950s-1970s

Dorothy Nehlsen Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03756 D
Identifier: H2009-100
Dates: 1882-1884

E. O. Parker Diary

 Unprocessed — Box 03762 C
Identifier: H2009-073
Dates: 1882

Edgar Slaughter Gable Papers

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H60-003
Dates: 1941 - 1946

Ella F. Lawrence Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 09010 A
Identifier: H2018-080
Dates: ca. 1880s

Emma S. Adams—Diary, 1888

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2019-004
Dates: 1888

Erlis Guy Butterbaugh Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2012-092
Dates: ca. 1910s; ca. 1940s-1980s

Ethel May Wright Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2008-027
Dates: ca. 1890s - 1910s

Ethel May Wright Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2007-028
Dates: ca. 1910s

Fort Pierre to Deadwood Wagon Train Diary, 2008

 Unprocessed — Box 03719 B
Identifier: H2009-005
Dates: 2008

Francis J. E. Persun Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2006-037
Dates: 1911

Genevieve (Babel) Trask Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2012-096
Dates: 1934-1977

George F. Weber--Letters to Kate

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2005-083
Dates: 2005

Hanson Family Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03563 A
Identifier: H2014-014
Dates: 1900; 1907; 1915

Harriet (Whiting) Whitcher Diaries—1920-1957

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2019-055
Dates: 1920-1957

Hazel Mahone Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2014-080
Dates: ca. 1910s-2010s

Henry P Smith Collection--Wounded Knee Diary

 Unprocessed — Box 06653
Identifier: H2005-052
Dates: 1889-1891

John G. Bartine Collection

 Unprocessed — Box 03527 C
Identifier: H2011-018
Dates: Majority of material found within 1935-1943

John Gregory Bourke Collection

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: H2008-104
Dates: Event: 1872-1896