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Teacher's Grade Book

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 22 Collections and/or Records:

7th and 8th Grade Graduation Records, 1903-1920 (RESTRICTED), 1903 - 1920

 Series — Box 2170
Identifier: ACC 76-039:
Scope and Contents

This volume includes the graduation reports for students in various districts in Union County from 1903 through 1920. Information found in this book includes age, address and name of teacher. The final grades for the following subjects are also included: orthography, reading, writing, math, grammar, geography, history and drawing.

Dates: 1903 - 1920

Antelope School Teacher's Register, 1905 - 1911

 Series — Volume V 6533
Identifier: ACC 2003-084:
Scope and Contents

This collection contains the Antelope School teacher’s register from 1905-1911. Antelope School is located in Todd County. The register tracks attendance, exam results, graduates, and visitors to the school. Also included is the daily class schedule.

Dates: 1905 - 1911

Clerk and Student Activity Books, 1893 - 1969

Identifier: ACC 76-028
Scope and Contents This series includes records from a number of different school districts within Day County mostly regarding clerk records, board meeting minutes and student activities. High school accreditation records as well as activity reports for student athletes and manuals and meeting minutes for the Young Citizen Leagues within Day County encompass a number of different counties. Materials created by specific districts are arranged together and include board meeting minutes, teacher grade books,...
Dates: 1893 - 1969

County Records on Microfilm (RESTRICTED), 1917 - 1969

 Series — Reel Vault (Restricted Microfilm): Series ACC 92-001:
Identifier: ACC 2016-122
Scope and Contents

This series contains fourteen rolls of microfilm containing various county records including Teacher’s Term Reports including student grades, as well as county tax returns. Each microfilm roll contains one or more school districts for a particular school year only.

Dates: 1917 - 1969

Court, School, and Election Records, 1882 - 1943

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: ACC 2011-014, Series II:
Scope and Contents

This accession contains a variety of Sanborn County records from the Letcher Township, originating from the School District, office of the Treasurer, and the Clerk of Courts’ office. Records include school report cards, school census records, annual reports, correspondence, receipts, blank ballots and poll lists, as well as other various ledgers. Information pertaining to supplies and vendors including textbook orders can be found in this series. These records date from 1882 to 1943.

Dates: 1882 - 1943

Franklin School District #11 Records, 1919 - 1970

 Series — Box 00972 B
Identifier: ACC 2013-070:
Scope and Contents

This series contains records created and maintained by schools in the Franklin School District (#11) in Tripp County. Records include daily attendance and classification registers, information about the hot lunch program, book inventories, reports, lists of teachers and school board officers, and information about the Young Citizens’ League. The records were discovered in an old school house purchased by Merle and Ruth Calhoon.

Dates: 1919 - 1970

Hartford Public School – Teacher’s Class Book (RESTRICTED)

 Unprocessed Material — Box 03719 B
Identifier: H2009-006
Dates: 1934 - 1935

Millboro School Record, 1932 - 1934

 Series — Box 1168A
Identifier: ACC 85-048:
Scope and Contents

This series contains the register books from Millboro School from the 1930s through 1950, the daily attendance as well as financial registers can be found here.

Dates: 1932 - 1934

Pupil Examinations (RESTRICTED), 1902 - 1903

 Series — Box 2170
Identifier: ACC 76-038:
Scope and Contents

This series includes Union County pupil examinations from the 1902-1903 school year. The examinations include the following subjects: physiology, reading, drawing, spelling, geography and history and have the scores recorded on each exam. This is only a sampling of student examinations.

Dates: 1902 - 1903

School Census and Teacher Reports, 1898 - 1974

Identifier: ACC 76-031
Scope and Contents

This series contains census records, teacher reports and employee information cards from school districts in Day County. This series does not contain all census reports for each school district; other census records for districts not included here can be found in ACC 76-022.

Dates: 1898 - 1974

School District and Township Election and Voter Records, 1908 - 1979

 Series — Box 4459-4467
Identifier: ACC 2011-041:
Scope and Contents This series contains school district records including administrative reports including financial and audit reports and aid applications; County Superintendent or township school board correspondence; gradebooks and teacher’s reports; student-completed standardized exams; textbook and supplies inventories as well as receipts and expenses; teacher’s files; student census records; and various publications including newsletters and bulletins. This series also contains township election and...
Dates: 1908 - 1979

School District Records, 1917 - 1973

Identifier: ACC 83-011:
Scope and Contents This series contains records generated by school districts #1-109 in Tripp County. Records include school censuses, treasurer and clerk annual reports, school board meeting minutes, citizen youth league material, financial aid applications, teacher grade books, reorganization directives and textbook inventories. Records are arranged numerically by district with exception of District #62 which was part of District #64 and District #96 at different times during the 20th century; these...
Dates: 1917 - 1973

School District Reorganization Records and Registers, , 1919 - 1970

Identifier: ACC 82-246A:
Scope and Contents

The records in this series include school census materials, documents related to reorganization plans for school districts in the 1950s and 1960s and financial aid materials. Districts documented within this series include #10, #33, #62, #63, #64,and 96. Also included in this series are Clerk & Treasurer record books and Teacher Register books.

Dates: 1919 - 1970

School Records, 1902 - 2001

Identifier: ACC 2011-038:
Scope and Contents This collection contains the records of the Roberts County School Districts for the years 1902 through 2001. Early records are incomplete due to a major school building fire in 1935. Records include student grades, general classroom schedules, assignments, and business materials created by the school board, administration and individual school district boards. There is also information about federal projects supported or administered by the schools, such as the Veterans On-site Training...
Dates: 1902 - 2001

School Records, 1891 - 1958

Identifier: ACC 2007-066:
Scope and Contents

This series contains Butte County school records, including school board meeting minutes, financial records, school census information, teacher certification records, student grades, final exam questions, library book inventories, and school officer registers.

Dates: 1891 - 1958

School Records, 1911-1973, 1911 - 1935

Identifier: ACC 79-121B:
Scope and Contents This series contains records from various schools in Tripp County. Clerk and Treasurer Reports make up a large percentage of the records in this series and are filed chronologically. In most years between 1920-1938 clerk and treasurer annual reports were filed separately but beginning in 1939 they were filed together. There are a large number of records regarding the reorganization of school districts and redrawing of boundaries beginning in the 1910s including petitions, poll books and...
Dates: 1911 - 1935

Student Classification Records (RESTRICTED), 1909 - 1911

 Series — Box 2170
Identifier: ACC 76-036:
Scope and Contents

This series contains three years of classification records for students attending all of the schools within Union County. Information that can be found within these documents includes student’s age and grade level as well as “ability level” in the basic subjects of math, writing, US history, and reading and in some cases information about the classroom environment and educational materials available. A small number of the records contain financial or medical information on the teacher.

Dates: 1909 - 1911

Teacher Quarterly Reports, 1915 - 1959, bulk: 1915 - 1919

 Series — Box 826
Identifier: ACC 77-020:
Scope and Contents

This series contains quarterly teacher reports from all the school districts within Roberts County from the year 1915 through the year 1919. Also found in this series are the school censuses for the county from 1949-1958 and the annual District Clerk reports from 1945-1959. Records are arranged chronologically.

Dates: 1915 - 1959; Majority of material found within 1915 - 1919

Teacher Term Reports, 1902 - 1970

Identifier: ACC 2015.004:
Scope and Contents

Teacher term reports for Districts #1-19 in Walworth County. Records are arranged numerically by district.

Dates: 1902 - 1970

Teacher's Registers, 1899 - 1937

Identifier: ACC 2003-083:
Scope and Contents

This collection contains four teacher’s registers from Benedict Township in Sanborn County. The years covered are 1899-1910, 1918-1925, and 1930-1937. Teacher’s registers include information on student attendance, exam results, graduation lists, and lists of visitors to the school.

Dates: 1899 - 1937

Teachers’ Registers of Daily Attendance, 1909 - 1969

Identifier: ACC 84-103, Series 1:
Scope and Contents Contains registers of student attendance and classification maintained by Perkins County school teachers between 1909 and 1969. Registers generally include information such as the name of the teacher, school year, school name, district number, and the names, birth dates, ages, attendance records, and grades of students. Some volumes also include the names of visitors to the school, textbook inventories, inserted correspondence pertaining to student assessment, and other information. Later...
Dates: 1909 - 1969

Wheaton School District Records (RESTRICTED), 1888 - 1949

 Series — Box 01649
Identifier: ACC 84-239:
Scope and Contents

This series is composed of various financial and administrative information created by teachers and clerks employed by the Wheaton School District between 1888 and 1949. Included are teachers’ attendance and other records, ledgers and term and clerks’ reports.

Dates: 1888 - 1949